Your New Favorite Things About Leather

Let’s talk some more about genuine leather. Easily one of the most misunderstood upholstery options. For too many folks, leather seems to be both intimidating and alluring. But what’s the real story? Is leather durable or fragile? How does it fare over time? And what about people with allergies? At the end of the day, is it right for you? Or ripe with problems? 

Spoiler alert: We love leather! There’s so much to love! 

For starters, just the way a leather sofa elevates the stature of a room. There’s an immediate leveling up of elegance and sophistication. The room suddenly has more gravitas.

Or how about walking into a room with one of those lived-in wingback chairs tucked into a corner, accompanying an ottoman, reading lamp, and side table perfect for a cup of coffee (or perhaps something with a bit more kick)? It just sings to you, “Come have a long sit and read, won’t you?”

But leather offers more than simply great first impressions. Way more.


Allergy sufferers, rejoice! Leather just may be your new best friend, furniture-wise. You can have style, elegance, and durability without all the sneezing, eye-watering, and itching. The difference between leather and most other fabrics is a bit like the old schoolyard retort, you know the one: “I’m rubber, you’re glue, whatever you say bounces off me and sticks to you.” It’s funny because it’s true! 

Allergens don’t like leather. While they easily “stick” to other fabrics like weaves, they “bounce” right off leather. Whether pet dander, dust mites, or other seasonal allergens, they simply don’t adhere well to leather. And what little does is easily removed with basic wiping and/or vacuuming. As result, leather is hypoallergenic – naturally.


One of the biggest misconceptions about leather is that it’s delicate. In fact, it can be easily and quickly wiped clean because it is by nature resistant to dirt and dust taking hold in the material. Again, naturally

What’s more, keeping your leather furniture clean doesn’t need to mean investing in a whole new cabinet full of specialty cleaning products. In fact, we bet you have most of what you need in your home right now. For instance, DIY with vinegar and water. Outside of basic vacuuming and wiping down, a cloth lightly dampened with a simple mixture of vinegar and water is all you need for most cleaning issues. Who knew leather could be so easy?   

While leather may not be the best choice for furry family members who love to dig, for most other situations, leather is hard to beat from a cleaning and durability standpoint. And just like that favorite pair of shoes or leather bag, most small scratches or signs of wear are easily removed with a basic and widely available leather lotion. Or, again, DIY with many great recipes as simple as a bit of lemon oil on a clean cloth and lovingly applied (Okay, the “lovingly” part is optional. Have we mentioned we love leather?!) 

Bottom line: leather furniture is less maintenance and more versatile than you think. Allergens don’t sink in and linger, and with just a little bit of love, your furniture will clean up more easily than many other upholstery options. So you can keep it looking and feeling great!


Aka, “Hey there, sofa! You look great for your age!”

Leather and blue jeans – these are a few of our favorite things. You know the way your favorite pair of leather boots or your favorite pair of jeans seems to just get better every time you wear them? That’s how leather rolls, too. Unlike some fabrics that will – let’s face it – often eventually begin to show their age, leather shows its character and quality more over time instead (kind of like you, right?). 

The fancy term is patina which is “a surface appearance of something grown beautiful with age or use.“ Translation? Leather becomes more you the more you use it. It just gets more unique and inviting with time! Over the years, it fits you better and better, and its look and luster, and sheen deepen as well. Ah, leather, you know me so well!


Hold up! Leather is hypoallergenic, easy to clean, and gets better with time? Yes, indeed. And those are just a few of the reasons we believe leather is worth the investment! 

So, whether you’ve decided to level up your furniture game with some new leather pieces or perhaps are looking to reupholster your existing favorites, we’ve got you covered–pun intended.  

Pick one of KOVI’s new line of stellar, wildly customizable sofas and opt for one of our genuine leather options.

Like the Abbott Chaise Sectional Sofa, for instance. The Abbott is just the kind of clean lines meets comfort we talked about up top. Decked out in one of the more than 140 genuine leather options KOVI offers, the Abbott is a great anchor piece for any room and is sure to be the site of many epic chat sessions or Saturday movie nights for years to come.

KOVI’s custom furniture pieces are handmade in the USA by experts in North Carolina and delivered to your room with our white glove delivery service in just 4-6 weeks. 

Or maybe you’ve got your eye on reimagining a treasured piece of furniture by reupholstering in one of our genuine leathers? 

Leather is, of course, a hide and not a human-made fabric. That’s at the heart of so many of its best qualities. It also makes measuring for reupholstering and ensuring you get what you need a bit different than other options.

That’s why we’re here!

Our team of experts is standing by to walk you through the process from dream to delivery. Whether you fall in love with one of our line of genuine leather options or some of our vegan and vinyl alternatives, we’ll ensure you get the right leather for your unique vision and lifestyle. Let’s get started today!