When Real Life Turned Trendy: How You Can Make Your Home Even Homier

Let’s take a deep breath. Well done. No reason for that except who wouldn’t benefit from a quick pause to take a deep breath. Because life’s a lot, right? And now (as we’ve been discussing), we’re into fall. That means soon you may be hosting friends and loved ones. Or you may simply want to have a restorative space to come home to after being hosted by friends and loved ones. That’s why we will look at more home trends that found their interior design footing this year.

Not so much so you can be all trendy (though that too, and good on ya). More so because we think you’ll find these particular trends helpful in navigating your way through the remainder of the year with just a few more deep, refreshing breaths.

Warm and Wonderful Home Trends at a Glance: The Why Behind The What

You know how when you take a truly epic vacation you come back changed? Your bed never felt as good to fall into as it does that first night back. And, looking around your home, everything feels a bit different. Most of it’s fine, but some things seem inadequate now or just plain tired and needing a refresh.

Though decidedly not a vacation, the pandemic time offered a new perspective on our priorities for our lives and our spaces. Settling into this new normal is an ongoing journey, but a few things reflective of those shifts have found roots in the interior design world. We mention all that because it cues up an important pro tip… 

The better aligned our home interiors are with the function and feelings we seek from them within the context of our lives, the more easeful they’ll be as well. 

Make sense? Hence (an underused word), each of the trends we’ll explore today provides a quick take on connecting our lived lessons from the pandemic from things like time at home, supply chain snags, and a desire to be more intentional about how we host when we do. Because, it turns out, each of those challenges comes bearing design gifts for your home and your life.

How the Fabrics You Choose Can Offer Micro Luxury in Your Home

Let’s kick things off with one we absolutely love: micro luxury. We love it because it’s doable and accessible regardless of your space or budget. As the name suggests, it’s about releasing the need to create a luxurious vibe throughout your entire home and instead focusing on a specific space or piece.

This can mean taking a room luxurious and maximal or perhaps honing in on just a statement furniture piece in a nook or corner.

Hack this trend through fabrics by things like upholstering a favorite piece of furniture (or three) in a decadent earthy moss green Crypton velvet, or maybe a soft luxurious sienna brown recycled leather. Or how about a bedroom chaise in violet deluxe silk? Whatever luxury means to you, lean into it — just a little luxurious bit. 

Your Home’s Fresh and Friendly New Vibe Is Just a Small Shift Away

Time for another underutilized word: convivial. The time in our spaces being unable to host gave us plenty of time to consider how to be better at hosting. Specifically in this case, how to cultivate convivial or welcoming and friendly spaces most conducive to, well, having a really good time with our friends and loved ones. For this, think less about redoing and more about reimagining — and repositioning

Your sofa dressed in natural-toned chenille tweed and pair of armchairs in an inviting lagoon blue herringbone pattern simply shift from their focus from, let’s say, your television and are turned to face each other instead.

Put your coffee table in the middle and add a decorative accessory tweak or two, and the focus is now on conversation rather than more screen time. The point is to create and/or rearrange spaces to encourage person-to-person connection.

Elevate Your Vibe Using Upholstery Fabrics and Your Eye For Awesome

There’s an old Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup commercial where someone eating chocolate runs into someone eating peanut butter. At first, they’re both super irritated to have something in their food they hadn’t planned. But then they taste the combination, and yum! 

Well, the pandemic supply chain backlog ran smack dab into the time at home and people’s desire to upgrade their furniture.

The peanut butter meets chocolate result? A boom in reclaiming and reupholstering vintage furniture. So Grandma’s old sofa goes from drab to fab with a contemporary pattern jacquard in creamy grey neutral tones or perhaps a navy blue textured chenille fabric.

Give old dining chairs a new look that still leans vintage in a misty aqua traditional floral pattern or a persimmon orange and brown contemporary floral instead. Look for pieces with good bones and make them your own.

Tried, True, And Trending: How Texture and Tone Warm Up Your Home

The power of our spaces to impact how we live and, importantly, what the quality of that life is has never been more clear. And so trending above all these days: welcome means warm means welcome means warm means… you get the idea. 

Happily, we’re rolling into seasons replete with warm opportunities for both colors and textures. Like sofas, sectionals, or armchairs in fabrics with tones and feels like honey gold velvet, calming olive green chenille, or a grounding yet spicy orange tweed. 

Or how about a bedroom slipper chair, storage bench, or headboard in sapphire blue, cabernet red, or chocolate brown textured chenille fabric — all part of your Barton collection, btw. 

And, throughout your home, try curtains, pillows, and accents in fabrics like sage green woven floral matelassé, autumn foliage pattern tapestry fabric, ecru-toned abstract fan pattern, or a golden wheat large-scale chevron pattern jacquard.

The point is to lean all the way into comfort and warmth with soft, engaging textures and rich, warm colors, and — voila! — your home is trendy and snuggly. How great is that?

Silver Linings Stylebook: Now for a Warm, Welcoming Refresh in Your Home

Who knew with all we were going through these last several years that we were also trendsetting along the way? Chalk it up to how wicked smart you are. As we look ahead to the high season of hosting, look back at some lessons to give your home a warm and wonderful refresh. 

Furniture upholstery fabrics can play an oversized role in pulling it all together. Focus on creating pockets of micro luxury, reposition the footprints of your cozy spaces to center conversation and connection, save time and money by reupholstering vintage treasures, and supercharge the welcome through the colors and textures you offer in your home. 

And, as ever, here at the largest upholstery store online, we’re passionate about you loving your home. And we’re at the ready to help make realizing those dreams quick and easy. Give us a call today.

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