Looking Forward to Spring: Bright Floral Accent Chair

Already can’t wait for it to be spring? Us too. So in the spirit of looking forward to sunny days and warmer weather, we’re taking a look at ways to bring spring looks into the home. One of the easiest ways is to go for a bright floral accent chair, like the chair above.

The photo above shows how fun a wacky abstract floral pattern can be. Lots of bright colors and floral accents really speak to the spring season. And it’s only one chair. So you can easily store it away in other seasons, if you want to make it into a seasonal piece.

If you want to try a floral accent chair, you’ll want to look for artistic and colorful floral patterns that suit your preferences. Examples include bright painted floral patterns, patterns with fun birds like the chair above and abstract flower designs. You can see some examples below. You can also see all floral selections here.

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