Working With Green Leather

If you want a unique look for a piece of furniture, you can’t go wrong with green leather. The photo above shows how well it works next to some plant life. It’s a great look for a naturalistic style since it adds more of a green outdoorsy color. And the texture of leather gives furniture pieces a natural feel, as well.

The chairs above show how leather works on chairs with wooden bases. It’s a complementary addition to the natural texture of wood. The cool green juxtaposes the warm brown of the wood, also. Additionally, the tufted diamond pattern is an embellishment that looks great with leather.

If you’d like a similar look, below are some leather selections that are like the chairs above. They mirror the deep, dark green shade. You can also browse all genuine leather selections here.

Verdant South American Cowhide


Bamboo Green Solid Genuine Leather


Dark Green Solid Genuine Leather


Pine Green Genuine Leather


Are You Looking for Green Leather Upholstery?

Did this article inspire you to use more green in your decor? Green is a great color to use in any decor style since it breathes new life into any home. While there are different fabrics available in this color, you shouldn’t ignore leather. Green has a naturalistic feel which goes great with a hide.

If you want this look in your home, you’ll first need to find the best source of fabrics. Kovi Fabrics offers genuine leather in different colors. Take a look at our genuine leather upholstery.

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