What Mohair Is and How to Work With It

While going through our fabric types, you may have come across our mohair fabric. But what is mohair, and how do you work with it? You may be picturing a 1960s cross between shag carpeting and Motown music clothing styles.

But mohair is actually a classy, comfy fabric type that feels like a cross between wool and velvet. That’s because it’s made from the hair of the Angora goat, which produces a silk-like fabric. Even faux mohair textures work to match the natural softness.

On an aesthetic level, mohair looks velvety and comes in a wide range of colors. Some mohair has a longer, almost fur-like texture than others. It can be used in a wide range of upholstery projects. The photo above shows how well the fabric looks on vintage pieces. And photos of sold items from artdecocollection.com below show how versatile mohair is.

Mohair works well with other textures like leather:

Mohair also looks great in bright colors:

Different colors of mohair can combine to make some unique pieces:

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As you can see, mohair is a luxurious fabric that’s a great alternative to velvet. Mohair comes in a range of colors, so it can fit any design preference. Are you looking for mohair upholstery? Shop our mohair collection today!

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