Multi-Tone Fabrics in a Rustic Tiny Home

The rustic tiny home above is a feature from the blog Tiny House Living. This was actually for rent from Airbnb for a while. It’s located in Austin, Texas.

The design does a wonderful job of combining the perfect fabric colors with the rustic tiny home interior. The salmon pillow gives the room a shot of color. The beige pillow goes well with the wood interior. And the white seating fabric gives a clean, crisp look. A modern black and white contemporary fabric in the boxy pattern rounds the lookout.

You can try a similar look with all upholstery fabric styles. A salmon fabric might make a good accent chair alongside a white or black/white sofa and a beige armchair, for instance. You can see some fabrics that match this style below.

Coral Red and Pink Solid Velvet

Pearl Beige Premium Soft Microfiber

White Premium Soft Microfiber Suede

Black Geometric Trellis Tile on Natural Heavy Linen

Find the Right Upholstery for Your Rustic Tiny Home

There are many ways for you to achieve the perfect rustic tiny home. This design offers many neutrals, patterns, and bold colors to create a unique farmhouse look. It’s still very stylish and offers the coziness of the rustic look.

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