How to clean microfiber couch

Microfiber is one of the best upholstery fabrics for durability.  Microfiber is very easy to care for, and will withstand many years of wear for a fabric that is made from synthetic fibers.  Here are a few tips for cleaning your microfiber furniture, microfiber upholstery. This guide will help you find the best way to clean microfiber upholstery.

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Cat Scratch Resistant Upholstery Fabric


If you are living with pet cats, one of the concerns you might have in keeping your home looking good is their scratching behavior. Cats naturally have to scratch and ‘trim’ their claws in the process, and while you can buy scratching posts from pet supply stores, there are times when your cat would still rather sink their claws on other things like your upholstered furniture.

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What is the Best Couch Fabric for your Dog?

dog sofa bed

If you enjoy cuddling up with your dog on the sofa, it is important that you select upholstery that can withstand his wear and hair. You do not have to hide your sofa under a cover to protect its appearance. Modern-day fabrics like microfiber and Crypton withstand nesting and scratching from even big dogs, and they provide easy cleanup.

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Benefits of Using Microfiber Upholstery Fabric

upholstery fabric

There are so many kinds of upholstery fabric to choose from, and recently, one of the more popular options when it comes to furniture interior decorating is the microfiber upholstery fabric. This kind of fabric may sound like a scientific breakthrough because of the term “microfiber,” and from what I’ve read about it, it does have quite a lot of good qualities which would make you want to have it on your furniture pieces as well.

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Cat-Friendly Microfiber Upholstery Fabric

I’ve heard some of my friends say things about their cats scratching on their furniture and this can be a nightmare! Some fabrics attract cats more than others which is why choosing the right one is a must if you have cats. Cat scratches can look ghastly on your household furniture, but there are times when your feline friend would decide that the new favorite scratching post is your sofa. While cats can be trained to use scratching posts, some are drawn to upholstery fabric because of the “scratchable” texture they present to cats.

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4 Pet Friendly Upholstery Fabrics

Owning a pet is so much fun and has a lot of great rewards and benefits. However, I realized as a pet owner that pets will make a mess. There are times they will chew up shoes and there are times when they will get hair on your furniture. The wear and tear they cause on fabrics can also be quite devastating.  Truth be told, cleaning up is a major part of owning a pet and one way I have dealt with this is by choosing the right pet upholstery fabric to use around my home and I must say that I spend significantly less time cleaning up after my pets.

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