4 Pet Friendly Upholstery Fabrics

Owning a pet is so much fun and has a lot of great rewards and benefits. However, I realized as a pet owner that pets will make a mess. There are times they will chew up shoes, and there are times when they will get hair on your furniture. The wear and tear they cause on fabrics can also be quite devastating. 

Truth be told, cleaning up is a major part of owning a pet, and one way I have dealt with this is by choosing the right dog or cat-friendly upholstery fabric to use around my home. I must say that I spend significantly less time cleaning up after my pets.

best upholstery fabric for pet owners

I was apprehensive about going for pet-friendly upholstery fabrics since I assumed they might look unsightly and feel awful. I quickly discovered that there are tons of different options, and it is easy to look for the best upholstery fabric for pet owners.

Fabrics to Choose From

  1. Pleather or leather – This is a great upholstery fabric choice for people with pets because hair doesn’t stick to them. Another reason this type of fabric is so awesome is that it can be easily removed from furniture and wiped clean when it gets filthy. One thing you need to know about leather and pleather is they do scratch (not at all a bad thing, in my opinion), but they will develop a nice patina after a while. However, if you really want your leather or pleather upholstery to stay spotless, it is best not to get pets to lay down on them.
  2. Synthetic fabric – This is one of my all-time favorite fabrics because it is relatively inexpensive and it wears like a dream. For one, this synthetic upholstery fabric will not scratch or rip. Plus, hair can be removed with one swipe of a lint roller. I have even tried just wiping it with my hands to remove hair. Another reason I love this so much is I can easily remove stains just by washing them with soap. You may check out microfiber upholstery fabrics that fit this category as well.
  3. Denim – If you are looking to give your rooms a more casual feel yet still make use of pet-friendly fabrics, you may want to consider denim. I find that it is durable, rugged, and very easy to clean. If you like denim, you may use it for the more informal rooms in your home since it will not work in a more formal setting. best upholstery fabric for pet owners
  4. Canvas – This fabric is made of cotton, and I like using it as a slipcover for my furniture. It is durable (although not as durable as microfiber) and easy to clean. When my slipcovers get dirty, I just throw them in the washing machine, and they are back in pristine condition in no time.
cat on sofa

General Rule

If you want to try out other fabrics then go ahead and do so. I would just like to share that it is best to choose fabrics with texture, pattern, or darker colors since they can hide dirt and hair perfectly well. Beware that some fabrics like chenille, velvet, and silk will not do well in a house with pets because they are quite delicate and will give in to the demands made by your pets.

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