Cat-Friendly Microfiber Upholstery Fabric

I’ve heard some of my friends say things about their cats scratching on their furniture, and this can be a nightmare! Some fabrics attract cats more than others which is why choosing the right one is a must if you have cats.

Cat scratches can look ghastly on your household furniture, but there are times when your feline friend would decide that the new favorite scratching post is your sofa. While cats can be trained to use scratching posts, some are drawn to upholstery fabric because of the “scratchable” texture they present to cats.

Cat-Friendly Microfiber Fabric

When choosing upholstery fabric with your pet cat in mind, one of the best options to go for is microfiber fabric.

Qualities of Cat-Friendly Microfiber Fabric

cat upholstery fabric

Cat-friendly microfiber fabric is not just friendly to cats but to dogs and other furry residents of the house as well. I did some research on what pet lovers choose for their upholstery fabric and furniture pieces, and the top choice is microfiber. Here are the reasons why it is considered a cat-friendly—or generally—a pet-friendly fabric:

  • Cats are not interested in scratching microfiber’s surface. For some reason, cats are not interested in the texture of microfiber and they tend to go after something more textured such as corduroy, carpets, or car upholstery fabric similar to those used for computer chairs.
  • Since the surface isn’t that tightly woven, pet hair won’t be hard to clean using a lint remover. This makes maintenance and cleaning much easier especially if your cat enjoys lounging on the same sofa as you do.
  • Microfiber fabric is long lasting, and it will look as good as new when you wash it after being used for a while. Since the material is dense, it is hard to tear and won’t suffer from thinning all too quickly. You can vacuum over microfiber and have it clean enough for when you have visitors coming over and your pet just rolled around over the seats, leaving fur behind.
  • Generally, microfiber upholstery fabric looks great without being too expensive! I’ve tried making my own DIY projects with it and am very much pleased with the overall quality and durability that it has shown me.

Reminders for Choosing Microfiber Fabric

When buying microfiber fabric for your DIY projects, remember that when used on pillows, it has the tendency to stretch and be misshapen over time. You will do well with choosing one that has a slightly thicker thread count than normal if you want to avoid this.

Don’t be confused with microfiber and micro suede because the latter has the tendency to attract more hair and is harder to clean. Microsuede is also not pet-friendly, and your cat may have a change of heart and want to scratch it!

Next time you head out to the fabric store and buy supplies for your DIY upholstery projects, remember how microfiber can be a friend if you want pet-friendly seats and furniture covers. It helps make cleaning easier, and you wouldn’t have to worry about your pet watching to scratch every unscratched corner of your furniture!

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  1. Everywhere I look, I find microfiber and micro suede used interchangeably, including on the Kovi fabrics sight. Can you please link me to some specific fabrics that are “microfiber” but not micro suede?


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