What Is the Best Couch Fabric for Your Dog?

If you enjoy cuddling up with your dog on the sofa, it is important that you select upholstery that can withstand his wear and hair. You do not have to hide your sofa under a cover to protect its appearance. Modern-day fabrics like microfiber and Crypton withstand nesting and scratching from even big dogs, and they provide easy cleanup.

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The Fabric of the Future: Crypton

Crypton fabric will take top honors for easy cleaning, stain resistance, and durability. The fabric’s fibers are pretreated before weaving using acrylic latex, which results in a stain-resistant and antimicrobial fabric. This heavy-duty material never will absorb dog odors and will resist showing indications of wear.

Stain Removal and Cleaning: Just wipe away dog hair using a soft, dry cloth. For messier stains, combine a spray solution of 16 oz. of water and one teaspoon of detergent. Loosen the stain from fibers using a brush with soft bristles, pat, and rinse with water.

Comfort: This material is soft and breathable, not rubbery or sticky.

Bonus: Use the material outdoors, even in the direct sun or rain. Its UV-resistant fibers will not fade even following several months of use.

Types of Microfiber

If Crypton-fabric furniture is out of your budget, microfiber offers a cheaper alternative. Synthetic fibers are available in weaves that look like suede, velvet, brushed denim, and additional upholstery fabrics. Dog urine and drool come up from microfiber if it is fresh.

Stain Removal and Cleaning: Wipe away dog hair using a rubber glove. Every piece of microfiber comprises polyester fibers. Look at the microfiber code on the couch to check how you can clean it. Code S-W includes the most versatile for houses that have dogs, as you’re able to clean it with water-based cleaners or solvents.

Avoid using microfiber that has the X code, as you will only have the ability to vacuum this kind. Some microfibers may wind up with water stains from attempts at cleaning. Apply a protectant as the furniture is new, and then reapply according to the manufacturer’s instructions.

Comfort: Breathable, soft microfiber materials will provide your pooch and you plenty of hours of snuggle time.

Bonus: If you own a cat and a dog, this fabric’s ultrafine synthetic fibers will be less likely to fray than other traditional fabrics.

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