No-Sew Ottoman Redo

If you’re looking for an easy way to salvage an old ottoman, take a look at this no-sew project. It’s a tutorial from Suburble. The blogger shows what the ottoman looked like before the redo: a bonded leather piece with the top layer flaking off. So it was time for an ottoman makeover.

She used some pliers and a flat-head screwdriver to remove the staples from the original fabric, and removed the fabric that way. You may have to remove an outer layer of fabric to get to these staples, if you try this. Then she simply added on the new fabric, stapling on the bottom and inside the ottoman to hide the staples.

The textured white fabric is also a good choice, as it’s a neutral color that goes with anything. You can see how well it works with the neutral color scheme already in place in the living room photo above. It you’d like to try a similar textured white fabric, below are some of our choices.

Sterling Gray Geometric Cotton

Ice Cream Neutral Geometric Woven Upholstery

Cloud White Geometric Embroideries Upholstery

Sail White Geometric Cotton Upholstery

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