Combining a Modern and Rustic Look

One of the best ways to get a truly unique space is to combine a modern look with a rustic one, called the modern rustic style. The photo above is a redesign from a husband and wife interior design duo at Studio McGee.

The pair did a wonderful job of combining the two styles together. The natural wood texture coffee table and the branches in the vase act as solid rustic focal points together. Meanwhile, the white walls and ceiling keep the space looking modern.

The furniture does a good job of grounding out the space. The dark gray sofa is a basic piece that grounds out the look, while the muted orange sofa adds contrast without looking too wild. Abstract fabric patterns on the ottomans and throw pillows round out the space.

If you’d like to try a similar look, you can see some fabrics that match the style below. You’ll want to look for dark grays and muted oranges. Also, look for abstracts that match the photo, like pink diamond and stripe patterns.

Carbon Gray Solid Woven Upholstery

Coral Plain Chenille Upholstery

Dark Blue and White Chevron

Yellow and Pink Contemporary Cotton

Gray and Black Stripe Woven Upholstery

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