Reupholstering With Mohair in Rich Colors

If you’re looking for a soft, natural texture, you can’t go wrong with mohair. Especially since it comes in some truly rich colors. The photo above shows a bright maroon shade that would look great in a variety of décor styles.

Bright, rich colors like these are good for artsy rooms that boast high color. Another good use is putting brightly colored furniture pieces as accents against a predominantly neutral color scheme.

And then, of course, you can use them as part of a larger color scheme that features a single bright color, like different shades of purple. As if that weren’t enough, bright colors also work well in children’s playrooms and bedrooms.

You can see some of our top brightly colored mohair selections below. We have some dazzling reds, yellows, and purple, to name a few colors. You can also see our complete mohair sections here.

Maize Yellow Plain Mohair

Sahara Yellow Plain Mohair

Red Pepper Plain Mohair

Grape Purple Plain Mohair

Cinnamon Red Plain Mohair

Shop for Mohair Upholstery Fabric in Rich Colors

If you’re looking for mohair fabric in rich colors, look no further than Kovi Fabrics. We have mohair fabric available in various chic colors to fit any style preference. Shop our mohair upholstery today!

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