A Pretty Pouf Ottoman

A basic cube pouf ottoman is a wonderful addition to just about any room. Especially with some bright colors to make the space pop. The ottoman above is a DIY project from the blog Pretty Handy Girl, where she offers a full tutorial.

It’s actually a fabric that the blogger sewed into a cube pattern. There’s also a zipper side. Through the zipper, you fill the pouf ottoman with the same type of beads from a beanbag. Optional polyester fiberfill adds further structure and texture.

On an aesthetic level, the fabric she chose looks stunning. Red and white geometric patterns always spice up any space. Below you can see some similar fabric selections of ours. There’s a general abstract pattern. And red and white also look good together in stripe, checkered and plaid patterns. You can also see all our red and white selections here.

Tomato Red Geometric

Red and White Medium Stripe Denim

Poppy Gingham Burgundy and White Denim

Poppy Plaid Burgundy and White Denim

Are You Looking for Fabric for Your Pouf Ottoman?

Do you think this pouf ottoman looks beautiful? If so, you’ll want to find the best fabric. While red and white always look fantastic, we sell plaid, checkered, and stripe fabric in all colors. Shop our fabric today!

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