Pretty In Pink

The restaurant above is Sketch. It’s located in London. The location is famous for its David Shrigley artwork on the walls. The rose fabric on all the seating, combined with the petal pink walls, gives this place an innocent and heavenly feel. The monochrome room design also helps the artwork on the walls pop.

Want to try something similar, whether commercially or residentially? You may want to go all pink with rose fabric. Or just have a pink accent chair. Either way, you can see some of our selections that are similar to the tones in the photo below. You can also see all our pink solid fabrics here.

Rose Pink Washed Look Plain Denim Upholstery

Petal Pink Premium Soft Microfiber Suede

Rose Pink Microfiber Upholstery

Are You Looking for Rose Fabric?

Rose is one of the trendiest colors now. It sits at the edge of red and pink, making it appropriate in various settings. There are different shades of rose–from light petal pink to punch red. But one thing to note is this is a very feminine color but rose is also an excellent choice if you’re decorating a room and want a soft touch of color.

Are you looking for rose fabric? Kovi Fabrics sells all shades of pink upholstery, both in solids and patterns. Shop our pink upholstery fabrics today!

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