Reupholster rather than buying new: The Benefits

Buying new furniture is an exciting, albeit expensive, step. You get to search for and purchase something that fits your style exactly, and totally refreshes a room. But what about your current furniture? Are you replacing those pieces because they are ancient and falling apart, or do they just not suit your home anymore?

If the latter is true, reupholstery might be right for you. Here are five key reasons to reupholster your furniture rather than buying new.

1.) Price – If your old couch or chair is high-quality but dated, reupholstery is a terrific option to save you some money. Going out and buying something of the same quality will cost far more than selecting new fabric and having it reupholstered. You can find cheaper pieces of furniture, but in the long run, reupholstering can save you money as it saves your furniture.

2.) Preserve quality furniture – If you have furniture that has been in your family for awhile or was very well-constructed, reupholstery will keep it in your home and out of the garbage. Really consider whether the furniture needs to be tossed or if it just needs a little updating. You can preserve memories and your furniture by choosing to reupholster instead of buying new.

3.) Create exactly what you want – You can search and find a piece of furniture that fits in well with the style you want to create, but you can also create the look you want with fabric you chose yourself. If you have a couch that is special to you, it’s even better to blend older craftsmanship with modern fabrics and breathe new life into the furniture.

4.) Learn a new skill – You can always opt to have your furniture reupholstered by a professional, but there are also plenty of tutorials available to show you how to do it yourself. Once you’ve redone one piece, you will have the knowledge and know-how to delve into other projects around the house. After you learn how to reupholster furniture yourself, you can preserve your favorite pieces for years to come.

The decision to reupholster a favorite piece of furniture allows you to preserve the history without sacrificing the style. Check out our fabric selections to choose the perfect fabric for your furniture.

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