Reupholstering a Sofa

Most sofas and furniture in general, actually are made to be reupholstered. The important thing to keep in mind about creating a gorgeous new sofa through reupholstering includes the condition of the sofas’ inside. As you’ve located a sofa style which matches your taste or room’s décor you may buy some filling material and fabric and you will be prepared to begin. It always is recommended to take photos of the sofa prior to taking it apart and within the process of disassembly in order for you to have images for guidelines for reassembly.


As you’re prepared to take the sofa apart, begin with the couch upside down or upon its back and begin to remove fabric alongside the staples on the sofa’s bottom. Flip the sofa upright then remove the outside arms and back, inside arms and back and deck. If you’re careful not to destroy the existing sofa cover, it’s possible to utilize this as a template for trimming the new fabric. Try to retain all of the parts of the sofa you’ll have to use again.

Check the cushions to decide if they’ll require new filling material. Quality foam will make the perfect filling as it possesses a long life as it provides a comfy material for sitting. Foam of a medium density for the bottom cushion; soft density upon the back will be standard. You might utilize the existing filler and buy enough material to fill up the cushion, though this is not suggested, as foam usually compresses over and deteriorates over the years.


Using the photos as your guide, you’re prepared to fit and create your new cover. On a flat, large surface, trim the fabric according to the dimensions and size of the sofa. You may use the older cover as a template and ensure to provide around a half an inch of additional material around its seams. For stapled edges, add from 2 to 3 inches more in order for you to have an abundance of give while pulling the new fabric over your sofa. You might require a heavy-duty sewing machine to sew the seams upon the new cover, yet if you pick a lighter material you might have the ability to utilize a regular sewing machine. Always utilize a heavy-duty needle and thread and permit a half an inch for seams.

As you’re attaching your new fabric to the sofa, use a solid staple gun. Connect the new cover upon the sofa from the inside out. Begin with the couch deck then progress to the back and inside arms then finish with its outside surfaces. Make sure that you tightly pull the fabric while attaching it, as the fabric might stretch over a period of time.

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