Reupholstery: Bringing Dead Furniture Back To Life

We all love our furniture. Each piece is bought out of hard labor and love, and it took quite a sum of money to invest in the right pieces. We handpick our furniture, choosing different styles and designs to incorporate each item into our characteristic home.

However, it’s a sad thing that furniture does not last forever. There are artisan-made items that are made to stay from one generation to the next, but its age appears in every cracks and seams. Then there are those which break easily; only serving us for a few years.

Consider This Little Story:

It’s about time you noticed; your favorite, good ‘ole couch is slowly showing signs of decay. There are a few open cracks on your well-loved cover. The foam is mischievously peeping through the holes and as you sit down, you realize the entire chair is sagging, its bottom drooping. The lovely pattern you once adored so much is now covered in dirt. You can feel the difference from the first time you sat on that chair when it was young and new. Now, it looks awkward, out-of-place, and ready to hit the garage sale for some new owner, or the recycling experts, to take it.


Sounds familiar? You or someone you know can relate to this story at some point. Because our furniture, such as couches, are among the most-used items in the house, they face daily wear and tear. Even if we look after them carefully, these things will acquire damage down the road, especially if they are made out of fabric.

Aesthetics Versus Sentiments

You know it’s about time to make a furniture switch when you feel that a particular items does not complement your home’s interior anymore. But then again, are you ready to let go of something you have cherished for so long; an item which has been a part of your household for years? Fortunately, there is one method which can resolve both your eye for design and heart for your investments. When it comes to furniture, reupholstering brings them back to their best, tip-top shape.


How to Reupholster a Couch

Furniture reupholstery is something similar to cosmetic surgery; expert artisans strip off the unwanted parts of the object, leaving the main structure for an entire facelift. It’s like getting something new and retaining your old couch at the same time. Instead of buying a new chair, you get to enjoy the perks of reusing what you have.

The Benefits of Reupholstering


Reupholstery has many advantages. Primarily, you help the environment by reducing carbon footprints which branches out from newly made products. This option is also cheaper, compared to purchasing newer items on retail or choosing bespoke made furniture. Third, you retain something with sentimental value to you; something which is priceless and rare.

In giving your furniture new life, you can choose different materials according to your preferences. You may decide to stick with the original design, or spice it up a bit with new patterns and fabrics to fit your modern home. This way, you get the feeling of shopping for a new, custom-made item; bringing alive an aged, awkward piece into something contemporary.

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