Use Animal Print Ideas to Re-Create a Living Space

If you’re living inside a large condo or studio apartment, you know the challenges of living in and decorating an open, wide space. If you’re living inside a dorm room, you know the challenge of residing in an extremely cramped area with the company of at least one additional person. Those diverse challenges may be met and won with the assistance of a few excellent animal print ideas. Leopard print ideas will abound for the ones whose living spaces could use a little decorative wild twist, whether modern or rustic.

Kovi Fabrics understand that animal prints, particularly leopard prints, are highly in demand, so they’ve made them available within numerous options. For instance, you may use our wide array of animal print fabrics to create leopard print room dividers. They create privacy or break up open, large rooms into two possibly more practical spaces. Room dividers are available in metal or wood, with cotton fabric or faux leather decorated within leopard spots. The partitions will do double duty, and change up the traffic patterns inside the home and act as a piece of artwork to the ones around it.

animal print ideas

Your furniture will say a lot about your sense of style and tastes. You might opt to replace your present set using leopard print furnishings, or you might select to add just one accent chair. Whether you pick a simple recliner or accent chair, you’ll discover that adding a couple of pieces which boast this breathtaking design is enough to wake the entire room up. For the ones who aren’t interested in or may not have the ability to buy new furniture, there will include many quality slip cover fabrics from which to select. The slip covers are designed to tightly fit over the furniture in order for it to never look similar to anything but your furniture with its initial upholstery. Kovi Fabrics has animal print fabric that is ideal for residential upholstery projects.

A leopard print fabric storage ottoman is an excellent addition to your overall décor. The ottomans will be attractive pieces which provide you a comfortable location to sit or prop your feet. Additionally it’ll open to reveal an abundance of storage space, in which you may keep newspapers, toys, craft supplies, or whatever else you might want to store away. Use the ottoman to offset the living room furniture, in the bedroom at the foot of the bed, or in the corner of the bathroom in which it might hold additional toilet paper rolls.

As you pick items to assist you in building your exotic new theme, keep in mind that the best options to choose are going to be seemingly unassuming and small. Display a spectrum of dried flowers in a leopard print vase or you can show off family pictures in a collage upon your kitchen wall. Those subtle touches are going to do wonders for modifying the overall motif of the home.


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