Style Inspiration From Calvin Klein’s Beach Home

Who wouldn’t want to live the life of style celebrities have? By browsing the best-styled homes of celebrities, it’s easy to get some high-end inspiration for your home. The photo above is from a stately $16 million beach home in Miami Beach, previously owned by fashion designer Calvin Klein, which went up for sale this year.

Klein’s always been a stickler for privacy, but when he listed the home everyone got to see it in full.

The home has an extremely clean, minimalist look. Rich, natural wood sits against stark white walls, black countertops contrast with white cabinets, and the open-rafter ceilings give the rooms an orderly geometry.

When looking for a design like this, light, crisp colors and basic, straight-edged pieces are a must. Though the style also makes excellent use of bright accents from natural plant life. Below are some home decorating ideas for this minimalist and natural design perfected by Calvin Klein.

Natural White Vinyl Upholstery Fabric


Cream Distressed Leather Vinyl Upholstery Fabric


High Contrast Kitchen


Minimalist Wooden Bench


Plant in Clear Glass


Get Home Decor Inspiration From Calvin Klein

The home of fashion designer Calvin Klein is minimalist and has a clean design. To get the look, you’ll want to mix natural wood with neutral colors, specifically white. For your upholstery, choose shades of white and cream for your furniture.

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