Bright Red-Eyed Frog Color Board

The gorgeous color board above, from Designcat, does a wonderful job of capturing the color palette unique to some of the most colorful creatures around: the Red-Eyed Tree Frog. These guys are native to the rainforests of Central America, southern Mexico, and northern South America. Anything to do with them would give a home a fun, exotic feel.

This striking rainbow palette would look great in a child’s room. Or it could go in any home with a bright, artsy feel to it. Below are some fabric and décor choices that would look lovely with this brightly colored theme.

Purple Passion Vinyl Upholstery Fabric 


Reina Chair


Rouge Plush Velvet Upholstery Fabric


Child’s Room with Rainbow Accents 


Mango Vinyl Upholstery Fabric


Colorful Ceramics


Red-Eyed Tree Frog Painting


Use the Red-Eyed Tree Frog as Your Decor Inspiration!

The red-eyed tree frog is lime green with bright-red eyes, and its skin also features shades of yellow and orange. It’s a famous frog, most commonly seen in the rainforests. This is a great color palette for a child’s room or any space where you want some bright, rainforest-esque colors.

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