A Soothing Northern Lights Color Board

Sometimes nature inspires the most soothing color palette. Such is the case with this gorgeous photo of the wintery northern lights. The photo is called “A Night to Remember” and was taken by Arild Heitmann in Norway.

This soothing color palette would be great in any interior design with a relaxing feel. Yet shots of bright green add plenty of excitement. The colors would look great reflected in furniture, carpeting, paint, wall art, or décor pieces. Below are some ideas for incorporating the beauty of the northern lights into any room.

Royal Blue Velvet Upholstery Fabric


Light Green Kitchen


Soft Microfiber Suede Upholstery Fabric


Blue Accent Wall


Forest Green Vinyl Upholstery Fabric


Northern Lights Painting


Use This Soothing Color Palette in Your Decor

The Northern Lights have a naturally stunning color palette that will work in any space. This natural phenomenon has cool colors, such as dark and light blue and muted purple. And with shots of bright green, you’ll still create plenty of interest in your space.

When redesigning your home with a Northern Lights aesthetic, you’ll want to use the highest quality upholstery. Kovi Fabrics offers all these colors and some of the trendiest patterns to make your home look like an Aurora Borealis. Click here to view our latest upholstery fabrics!

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