Rich Fall Color Board

Today’s color swatches come from Intimate Weddings. Even though this fall color palette is from a wedding site, they could be applied beautifully to the home. As the blogger says, the rich earth tones with copper overlays are perfect for this fall color palette.

As we move closer to autumn, you may want to think about designing your home with the grounded, base colors of fall by adding couch covers, décor accents, and custom throw pillows.

The color scheme could also work year-round in a design style that goes for a classic and grounded look. The color palette uses deep colors that aren’t too bright and overbearing. It would be great in a library or sitting room.

Whatever you choose, seasonal or permanent, below are some ideas for incorporating this rich color pallet into your home.

Gold Vinyl Upholstery Fabric


Tan Couch


Crimson Burgundy Microfiber Upholstery Fabric


Papered Poms


Burgundy and Gold Stripe Fabric


Fall Throw Pillows


Use This Fall Color Palette in Your Home

This fall color palette uses muted oranges and yellows with rich neutrals and deep mahogany. You can reupholster your furniture in these colors or even create throw pillows.

No matter how you decorate your home, you’ll need the right fabric. And since you’ll need a lot of colors, you’ll need to buy from an affordable source.

Kovi Fabrics sells upholstery in all these colors. Our fabrics are available at mill prices, and we always have sales. Shop our sale selection today!

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