Measuring Upholstery 101 (Part 3): Ottoman

Upholstered Ottoman

In the third installation of our “Measuring Upholstery” series, we’ll be talking about how to get the right dimensions for reupholstering contemporary chairs called ottoman. Despite being small in size, this furniture creates a wonderful impact in your room, being versatile in many ways. It can be used as a seat, a foot rest and sometimes, a mini table. Because of its use, it can be easy for your ottoman to wear out. However, refurbishing it can be fun. Unlike chairs and sofas, a DIY upholstery project for an ottoman is an easier task.

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Measuring Upholstery 101 (Part 2): Sofa

measuring upholstery

We talked about how to measure fabric size for your chair reupholstery project last time. In our second “Measuring Upholstery” series, we will tackle getting the right sizes for your sofa. A threadbare, old long couch looks tacky in the middle of your living room, but you can turn it into a lovely piece once you refurbish its usable parts.

By replacing the aged and dirty fabric, your sofa can blend into your interiors, looking brand new.

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Measuring Upholstery 101 (Part 1): Chairs

Wing Chair

Thinking of reupholstery for your favorite chair? Perhaps it has been with you for many years and you have grown fond of it. Or maybe your pet has scratched off some of the obvious parts that you can’t hide from your guests. Whatever reason you may have, choosing to reupholster your chair is a good decision. For one, you are reusing an item of sentimental worth and giving it a new, fresh design with the help of newer patterns and better fabrics.

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