Taking a Peek into Ryan Murphy’s Beach Home

Architectural Digest took a look inside screenwriter, director and producer Ryan Murphy’s beach home. It’s modern, has a focus on high art and yet keeps a strong sense of minimalism.

If you want to try this style, look for unique art pieces. You’ll want pieces like the metal mask on the table, the bold mirror wall accent, pottery art and sculptures like the half-statue on the shelf to the left.

For furniture, you’ll want to aim for neutral colors that are high in texture. For instance, the genuine brown leather and the textured slate gray pieces. You’ll also want to focus on an accent chair that’s not too bright but still pops. The yellow wood is a good selection.

You can see some fabric selections below that match the furniture styles from the photo. These match the textured slate gray, the brown leather and a yellow that is bold but not highlighter yellow.

Carbon Gray Solid Woven Upholstery

Rattan Brown Genuine Leather

Lemon Yellow Geometric Cotton Upholstery

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