Using Solid Colors in Outdoor Furniture

Desperately want it to be spring already? Maybe it’s time to look forward to getting the outdoor furniture on the patio. The photo above shows how well a solid fabric works for patio furniture. The deep color adds a nice accent.

The solid pattern is versatile enough to work with any design, even with the mid-century wrought iron ice cream table in the photo above. However, a basic solid outdoor fabric could work on everything from wood to vinyl outdoor furniture pieces.

If you’d like to get a similar look, below you can see several solid outdoor furniture upholstery selections. Many of them have similarly deep colors. These would make wonderful accents against more muted wood or metal textures. You can also see all solid outdoor fabric selections here.

Royal Blue Leather Texture 

Animal Skin Texture 

Light Leather Texture 

Leather Hide Vinyl 

Are You Looking for Outdoor Fabric?

Solid colors always look exceptional in patio design, no matter your preferences or style. Did this article inspire you to use bold solid colors in your outdoor upholstery? If so, you’ll need to find the best source of outdoor fabric. Kovi Fabrics offers all these upholstery colors and several outdoor material options. Shop our outdoor fabrics today!

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