New Look for the New Year: Terracotta

Want a new look for 2017? One of the huge design trends in the coming year will be the terracotta color scheme. It will especially make its way into homes in the form of rustic terracotta-colored floor tiling, like in the photo above. Terracotta brick accent walls are also an option.

Orange and red terracotta-themed colors will also be popular. You may not be ready to put in a full accent wall or floor. So finding a fabric with a terracotta color scheme is a good substitution. It would look great, matched with a terracotta accent wall painted in a similar shade. If you’re up for a bit of painting.

You can see several of our terracotta fabric selections below. The nice thing about terracotta is that it comes in a wide range of textures, from genuine leather to suede. You can also see all terracotta selections here.

Terracotta Red Upholstery

Red Terracotta Genuine Leather

 Faux Silk Red Terracotta 

Orange Terracotta Upholstery

Suede Orange and Red Terracotta 

Get the Terracotta Color Scheme in Your Home

The terracotta color scheme will be one of the most popular interior design trends of the new year. But finding the right fabric can be difficult. Don’t worry, Kovi Fabrics offers terracotta-colored fabric and similar shades. And if you can’t find the exact color you’re looking for, we offer custom upholstery services so you can get the fabric you want. Click here to learn more about our services.

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