Using Red and White Stripes for Holiday Décor

Looking to add some instant holiday cheer to a room? You can never go wrong with red and white stripes. Red and white instantly conjure up images of candy canes, the North Pole, and Santa. And it’s an easy pattern to work with.

The photo above shows that it’s simple to mix red-stripped patterns in throw pillows, cushions, and even a wall hanging. Red and white stripes look like a standard design for most of the year, too. They add both a vibrant and clean look to a room. But add some evergreen decorations and other holiday décor items, and it looks like the whole room is perfectly designed for the holidays.

You can see some of our red and white stripe patterns that fit into such a look below. You can also browse all of our stripe patterns here.

Red and White Stripe Denim


Burgundy and White Stripe Denim


Spice Burgundy and White Stripe Damask


Poppy and White Stripe Denim


Burgundy Small Stripe Heavy Linen


Decorate Your Home in Holiday Stripes

There are many ways you can use red and white stripes to create an eclectic holiday wonderland. But first, you’ll need the right fabric. Kovi Fabrics offers striped fabric in these colors and more.

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