Trending: The Warm & Welcome Simplicity Of Minimaluxe For Your Home

Part of what we enjoy doing for you is keeping an eye out for emerging design trends so you don’t have to. The value of design trends is really mostly about inspiration. They give you a new perspective, a new way of seeing what’s possible. So when you’re feeling like your home is lacking that special something it once had, you have new ideas for how to get the magic back.

Come to think of it, trendspotting is a bit like date night for you and your home. It’s a good thing to make a habit of to help keep things feeling fresh and alive.

This brings us to the minimaluxe design style.

Recently emerging as an increasingly popular go-to design style, “minimaluxe” combines minimalism with luxury. (Already sounds fun, right?) It’s characterized by a clean, uncluttered aesthetic and leans on high-end materials and luxurious details—quality over quantity. AND it’s warm and personal. No, really. We’ll explain.

Today we turn trendy. We’ll explore what minimaluxe interior design is and how to achieve it in your home. And why we think you’ll love it.

A Quick Guide To The Key Elements Of Minimaluxe Design Style

Yes, the minimaluxe design is new. But also not. Its increasing popularity seems to stem from how it takes elements from multiple styles and makes them feel new. Kind of like a poke bowl or maybe a breakfast scrambler. (Or maybe it’s just time for lunch.) Either way, you don’t need to learn brand new things, just a different approach to long-established design vibes. 

Because minimaluxe interior design combines the simplicity of minimalism with the luxury of high-end materials and details — with a dash of something uniquely you. It’s a design vibe that celebrates the beauty of simplicity while warmly incorporating the finest materials and textures.

As a rule, minimaluxe features a neutral color palette, clean lines, and uncluttered spaces. It leans heavily on the use of natural light and high-end materials to help to set an understated but luxurious tone. More importantly, it’s all about creating a calm and tranquil atmosphere. And if all that sounds appealing to you for your home, good news.

You’re probably closer than you think. Let’s look at some of the key elements to focus on.

How Minimaluxe Frees You To Simply Celebrate Calm And Joy In Your Home

It will come as no shock to learn the foundation of minimalux design is simplicity, aka. minimalism. Yes, this means paring back your design elements. But it does not mean getting rid of everything in your home. 

You just get to be selective about what you keep and display. Channel your inner Marie Kondo. What brings you the most joy, calm, or whatever other experience you want in your space? Culling your decor down to those key elements cultivates an uncluttered space and allows the things that truly inspire you to take center stage.

Minimaluxe-style uses clean lines and a primarily neutral color palette to create room for a space to feel calm and soothing, with just enough detail to make it interesting. Less is more. Free yourself from clutter and distractions. 

This means choosing furniture that’s both functional and aesthetically pleasing, without overloading the space with unnecessary accessories. Like a modern chaise sectional in eggshell white Crypton performance tweed.

Or low profile crescent-shaped fluted armchairs in a pale and sink-in soft lilac velvet. Maybe even a honey beige denim twill L-shaped sofa. Give upholstered dining room chairs an earthy vibe with cocoa brown velvet.

Quality Over Quantity For The Win In Your Tranquil New Home Interior

One of the ways minimaluxe sets itself apart from other minimalist styles is through the use of high-end materials.

Think marble, brass, and other bits similar to glam design but more understated. These can be in small details like door handles, light fixtures, and table legs, or larger features such as statement pieces or wall art. The idea is to add a layer of sophistication and elegance, elevating a space to new aesthetic heights.

For furniture fabrics, rather than filling your home with lots of low-quality pieces, invest in a few high-quality items that will stand the test of time. Like a U-shaped sofa decked out in opulent parchment tan Italian leather or soft grain eco-conscious recycled leather in silver grey.

Or perhaps a gorgeous bedroom bench and matching headboard in soothing aloe faux silk. Or a living room loveseat in Mer Blue French linen.

Minimaluxe is about quality, not quantity. Investing in high-end materials adds a touch of luxury to your space and helps your pieces look amazing, for sure. But also they’ll also last longer and save you money in the long run.

When You Lean Into Less, Your Favorite Statement Pieces Shine More

So far, minimaluxe design is all about simplicity and quality. Now let’s talk about impact. Part of the personality that you’ll find in this vibe comes from the pieces of decor you choose to feature, as we’ve already touched on. But another area where there’s an opportunity to add a bit more allure, interest, or other sense of character that’s uniquely you is through statement pieces.

Yes, this can be artwork, a statement light fixture, and other flourishes. But we love that it can also be a piece of furniture.

These statement pieces serve as a focal point in the room, drawing the eye and adding interest to the space. Perhaps a pair of onyx black microsuede armchairs in your home office. Try a modern sofa in spicey rust orange tweed. Or upholstered kitchen barstools offering a pop of sapphire blue. Maybe a tufted high-backed reading chair in scarlet genuine leather.

Whatever feels like you and fits the overall design tone of your home works perfectly. Each space in your home can remain uncluttered and tranquil while still having a pop of playful energy inviting you and your guests to settle in.

Bring Home Your New Minimaluxe Design Vibe With Textures And Light

Ultimately, minimaluxe means spacious and uncluttered but still welcoming and fit for curling up for a spell. So, let’s touch on two last bits: light and texture. 

Not a lot of heavy curtains here. The more natural light, the better. Though feel free to offer whisps of sheer fabrics to diffuse light and offer some privacy. Just be sure to allow the light to keep the space open and free-flowing. And lean on textures to add allure. Think of elements like plants, earthy sculptural pieces, and jute or other woven rugs. 

And for furniture, use some luxurious textures. Like dining chairs in chorded shadow blue jacquard, or an inviting chaise longue in cloud white crushed velvet. Or a loveseat practically begging to be snuggled into in blush pink soft chenille fabric. For all those fabrics and textures (and more), we’ve got you covered. And we love to help. 

In the end, it’s no surprise that minimaluxe is a growing design trend. In our often crowded, noisy lives, it’s nice to come home to a place that offers simplicity, luxury, and the cozy warmth of home. Here’s to many peaceful days and nights ahead.

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