These Thin Stripes Look Stunning on a Vintage Chair

Have a vintage chair and can’t quite decide what to do with it? The chair above shows how beautifully an elegant thin-stripped pattern can look. The piece above is a restored 1930s item. The lyre back to the chair gives it a stunning elegance.

Thin stripes in upholstery are a stunning addition to an ornamented vintage piece. It’s a simple design, so as not to compete with the ornamentation of the chair. The clean look of the straight lines complements the ornate look of the chair’s backing. Furthermore, it gives a nice boost of brightness with the white stripes mixed in. Yet the brown stripes match the deep brown shades of the chair itself.

If you’d like a similar look, it’s a simple matter of finding fabric with thin stripes. Some similar fabrics are below. Otherwise, feel free to browse all stripe selections here.

Brown and White Stripe Pattern


Desert Stripe Pattern


Skinny Stripe Pattern


Rattan Stripe Pattern


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