The Tiny Home with Perfect Neutrals

The photo you see above is a tiny cabin made by Quebec City builder Cabane. It’s a feature from the blog Tiny House Town.

With such a tiny space, color coordination becomes key, since you’re jamming more design into a smaller space. The colors on the mini sofa get it right. The black seats, gray back cushions, and white pillows all create visual contrast. But the neutral nature of the colors allows them to fit together well. The progression from black to gray to white also has a sort of internal logic to it.

If you’d like to try something similar, below are some of our fabrics in these colors. You could combine furniture pieces in this color scheme, or have individual furniture pieces that make use of multiple contrasting colored fabrics. You can also see our black solid fabrics here, our gray solid fabrics here, and our white solid fabrics here.

Raven Black Plain Mohair

Dove Gray Plain Mohair

Cream Neutral Moire Upholstery

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