What Can You Make With Velvet

Velvet is a beautiful fabric known for its soft, plush surface. But not everyone is comfortable using this expensive material for arts and crafts. 

This fabric isn’t just for bench seats and headboards. You can create small items like hair accessories and bookmarks with velvet if you’re a beginner. Keep reading for a list of DIY velvet ideas for your next project.

Qualities of Velvet

Velvet has always been a go-to material for interior design and fashion because of its elegant look. Learn more about the characteristics of velvet before using it for your projects. 


Velvet’s main feature is its beautiful drape with a shiny and soft look. Thanks to the short pile of fibers, velvet gives off a luxurious appearance that no other fabric has. Depending on their type and treatment, some velvets look more crumpled than others.

Crushed velvet is characterized by twisting the material while it’s still wet. The result is a natural pattern with a unique shine and texture. Some velvets have an embossed look. Manufacturers create it through a heat stamp, pushing down the piles for a pattern.


Velvet’s feel is so unique that the only way to describe it is velvety! It has a soft texture because of its dense pile of fibers with even cuts. The fabric is smooth to the touch, sometimes giving the impression of being wet. 

Some types of velvet are made with spandex to be stretchy. Stretch velvet can stretch to 25% in any direction, making it ideal for apparel. 

What Can You Make With Velvet?

These velvet projects will make your home, clothing, and other items look classier.

Bench Seat

Velvet is a perfect material for making bench seats, making sitting feel more comfortable and luxurious. The process is similar to upholstering seat cushions. Make sure to add 30 cm to both sides for seam allowance.

Place the seat on top of the fabric to measure, then fold the fabric with pins. You can also sew the material on the cushion to keep it secure. Turn the seat on the correct side, and put it back on the bench.

Velvet Bow Tie

If you have some leftover velvet from previous projects, why not make a bow? You can use it as a hair clip or a tie to complete your outfit. Prepare a 6 x 3.5-inch piece of velvet and another one that measures 0.75 x 2.5 inches. 

Divide the fabric into four parts and flip it over. Pinch the back part of the cloth, then glue the center to one side. Do the same for the other side, and wrap the center with a velvet strip. You can use hot glue to paste a hair clip. 

Velvet Pillowcase

A velvet pillowcase will make you feel like a king when sleeping. To make a pillowcase with a standard size, measure a piece of fabric of 54 cm x 172 cm. 

Then, stitch a hem of 3 cm on the short ends, and fold it back. Turn it on the right side once you’re done with the inside sleeve.

Shopping Bag

Make your shopping bag look more stylish by using velvet instead of regular cotton or polyester. To start with the project, gather a piece of velvet measuring 54 cm x 88 cm. Stitch a hem on the upper side and fold it in half with the right sides together. Sew the sides.

For the handle, use a canvas heading tape and sew their ends on the outside of the bag. Now, turn the bag on the right side, and you’re ready to use it. 


Another tiny craft you can make out of velvet is a bookmark. It’s an ideal gift for anyone who never runs out of books to read. Measure 9 inches of velvet ribbon and insert the end into a ribbon crimp clamp.

Press the clamp down with pliers on the center, and add a jump ring. Feel free to add gems, charms, and beads for added decor. 


A velvet headboard project will quickly step up the interior of your bedroom. The upholstery project should start with a wooden headboard. Make the necessary measurements for the foam and fabric, and add tape on the sides of the foam.

Place the wrong side of the velvet over the front and back of the cushion. After sewing the sides, you can place buttons on the headboard for a more modern look.

Velvet Wallpaper

Instead of traditional wallpaper, you can use your favorite velvet fabric to create an accent wall. You need to cut fabric panels to fit the height of your walls and paste them with heavy-duty glue.

Velvet wallpaper is also known as flock wallpaper, which produces a raised pattern on the surface of your walls. It’s available in several colors and patterns for you to choose from.


The velvet choker is probably the most straightforward project on this list. All you need is to measure a velvet strip or ribbon according to the circumference of your neck. Then, place the clasp on both ends of the fabric with pliers.

If you don’t have jewelry clasps with you, you can just tie the strip in a ribbon. Coat the end with clear nail polish so that it doesn’t fray.

Stamped Notebook

A velvet notebook with a personalized stamp is perfect for keeping sentimental memories, vows, and other journal entries. Place your stamp or logo on a hard surface and add a splash of water. 

Position the velvet right side down toward the stamp and iron. Wait for ten seconds until the seal is embossed. The next step is to peel off the fabric and center your notebook on the adhesive. 

Final Words

Whether you have leftover velvet scraps or several yards of fabric, there’s always a DIY project for you! I hope this list of velvet fabric ideas helped you create beautiful crafts for your home, clothing, and personal items. 

Which velvet project did you like best? Leave your thoughts in the comments below.

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