Window Treatment Trends

Windows are a playground for decor and there are multiple ways to create a new look that can dramatically transform your room. With various styles and fabric options, trends can certainly go in and out of style. Below is a guide for some of the hottest window treatment trends.

Luxury fabrics: One of the trendiest looks is a swank feel through tassels, ritzy trim, regal patterns and lush fabrics like silk, suede and velvet. Fabrics like this Suede Drapery are a hit right now:


Striped geometry: Sleek lines lend to a modern, organized design that is popular right now. Vertically striped patterns or plaid are a hit. At the same time, organic and natural feels are huge in homes right now. Look for fabrics like this Bamboo Contemporary Faux Silk Drapery:


Bold patterns: Bold, colorful patterns are a huge deal. Windows make a natural focal point, so drawing further attention with a bright pattern is a natural choice. Look for options like this Cabernet Red Contemporary Embroidery Drapery:



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