Window Treatment Trends

Windows are a playground for decor, and there are multiple ways to create a new look that can dramatically transform your room. With various styles and fabric options, trends can certainly go in and out of style. Below is a guide to some of the hottest window treatment trends.

Luxury Fabrics

One of the trendiest looks is a swank feel through tassels, ritzy trim, regal patterns, and lush fabrics like silk, suede, and velvet. Fabrics like this Suede Drapery are a hit right now:


Striped Geometry

Sleek lines lend to a modern, organized design that is popular right now. Vertically striped patterns or plaid are a hit. At the same time, organic and natural feels are huge in homes right now. Look for fabrics like this Bamboo Contemporary Faux Silk Drapery:


Bold Patterns

Bold, colorful patterns are a huge deal. These window treatment trends make a natural focal point, so drawing further attention with a bright pattern is a natural choice. Look for options like this Cabernet Red Contemporary Embroidery Drapery:


Use These Window Treatment Trends in Your Decor

The biggest window treatment trends are geometric prints, luxury fabrics, and bold patterns. If you’re unsure how to incorporate these trends into existing decor, the key is to use sleek prints that make your space look more cohesive. Don’t be afraid to go bold and use lots of colors!

You’ll also need the best source of fabric to pull off these trends. Fortunately, Kovi Fabrics has the trendiest fabric. Shop our newest selections today!

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