A Rainbow of Fabric Color Selection

Here is our ideas on what’s hot for spring and summer color themes:


Turquoise is a lot more than an additional color from the gemstone line-up. Its multiple hues, shades, and tones blend to paint a world of glee and joyousness. As with the gemstone, the color deeply is ingrained within human history as one which brings harmony, peace, and lasting happiness. Native Indians thought that the fallen sky stone possessed a capability of warding off evil and offering health. Similarly, this color was embraced by cultures around the world as one which energizes interiors as it provides serenity and pleasure.

The allure of turquoise will lay in that romantic image of sandy white beaches and turquoise blue waters on a memorable holiday. Painting a portion of your house or bringing in turquoise accents often is an attempt to re-create the idyllic image. However, it’ll take some planning and skill to pull off this fantastic look. Teal, aquamarine, and turquoise and the many additional variants will work well with virtually any scheme and style. Although many home owners think turquoise is relegated to a cottage-styled or vintage look, it’s an ideal match for the sleek contemporary residences, too.



Whether you’re decorating with Christmas figurines and candles for your holiday tablescape or are trimming the Christmas tree using natural materials such as jute, burlap ribbons, and straw, natural decor is ideal. The inherent beauty of utilizing Christmas decorations which reminds you of the outside and is reminiscent of rustic holidays are great methods of bringing natural colors into interiors.

As you imagine log cabins that have natural fiber textiles and exposed walls, use them within your holiday home to adorn with Christmas cheer. Lights, stars, woodland animals, throw pillows on your sofas and bedding in bedrooms are good places to start.



You do not need to be frightened to go dark with your interior design and decor. The spaces within this photo works some black magic for an appearance that is seductive, sophisticated, and certain to make a drastic statement in all seasons.



Cushions and Rugs: Are you prepared to add some texture and softness to your spaces? Designed by Matthew Lew, this Reinas Rug was inspired by bold color, which includes the bright stripes upon circus tents. Grey, burnt orange, carbon, blue, and dark taupe mix upon this hand-tufted wool piece.



We started by highlighting a few memorable furniture finds which will shine even upon the greyest of winter seasons. Blue is the word at Kovi this season, as displayed by the array of blue fabrics here. From seating and dressers, these objects add a sophisticated, but radiant splash of color–the ideal solution for interiors which need a touch of something bold.



Do you want to get a head start on spring cleaning? Think about buying some modular shelving in order to assist you in getting organized. Bright colors like white and orange is going to remind you that spring is just around the corner, and by the time it arrives you will be closer to an organized interior. Here in the below picture we see the Elston Engine Modular Shelf by designer Mark Daniel of Slate Design. Those individual L-shaped models are made of engineered wood using a bright matte finish.



Try this vibrant print from Crate & Barrel. As a matter of fact, this piece includes a giclée print of an acrylic painting by Deb Haugen. A matte white frame permits the yellow, brown, and black hues of the artwork to really shine. Particularly the golden tones!



I have fallen in love with the pictured Bend Triangle Wall Brackets, designed from powder coated iron. Now just one decision remains to be made: should I order these from Nannie Inez in black or red? As suggested by the image below, I am leaning toward the red one. Would go great with some red fabrics in the room.



While vintage and retro may presently be appealing, it may be only a matter of time prior to the world of interior design tossing them to the side once again. Getting trapped with a living room which requires a full makeover is both inconvenient and expensive. It’s the exact reason why many designers and homeowners are choosing the subtle addition of retro decor as they keep the theme stringently contemporary or modern. By adding one furnishing, a coffee table, curtains, or wallpaper to your accent wall, you’ll develop a sense of nostalgia without having to redecorate in an extensive way.



Minimalism essentially is the art of having the ability to conveniently, comfortably, as well as aesthetically live with less. When on the surface of all of it, this duty might appear easy enough, realistically it’s much easier said than done. As a matter of fact, a functional, beautiful home that has a minimal theme includes amongst the most difficult to design using grey or silver fabrics. It’ll take restraint, skill, and a lot of discipline. For some who usually bring home virtually everything and anything, it’s the hardest thing to do. Minimalist design isn’t about adding intricacies, it’s about peeling away layers!



Ever since the show Mad Men made its debut on television, Mid-Century modern now has become all the rage. If conventional retro designs don’t seem all that attractive to you, delve into this unique decorating style. Keep in mind that retro isn’t merely the sixties and the seventies. Borrowing from this classy and elegant design style provides you some incredible decor choices. Creations of some of the legends such as Eames, Eero Saarinen, Arne Jacobson, and Isamu Noguchi open up a world of countless possibilities. To move away from all conventional trends as well as embrace a ‘vintage appearance’, choose these iconic furnishings within spunky hues such as orange, red, and pink.



Minimal living rooms obviously are where the journey begins. Despite choosing a style which oozes elegance, sophistication, and crisp straight lines, there still is plenty to do to add unique personality and character to minimal living spaces. Here’s such captivating and gorgeous inspiration which blends form with class and function with comfort within an effortless way.



Summertime, for most, includes a season that is filled with relaxation, unbridled joy, and a plethora of outdoor events. For kids, summer means weeks without school and long lazy days of sleeping in, yet for adults it’ll mean cool drinks on hot patios and late evening with close friends. Even nature tends to adore this season best as the grass grows greener, trees grow larger and blossoms reach their peak. In fact, summer includes amongst the most colorful seasons of the year.

Lime Green – Just as refreshing and tropical as the citrus fruit from which it gets its name, the vibrant green shade is reminiscent of waving palm leaves or fresh-cut grass. Because it’s so bold, lime green is better paired with neutral colors like white and black prints and patterns.



You should trade customary white wainscoting for bluish-green in order to send ceilings soaring.



We conclude with a reminder that occasionally a striking color combination may be as simplistic as purchasing some tabletop smalls. Below, in the dining room, plush violet chairs include an amazing contrast to robust red tableware, particularly against a crisp background of white and black.


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