Reupholstery Checklist

Four fundamental components develop the durability and comfort of your furniture reupholstery project: frame, supporting foundation, cushioning as well as fabric.


Irrespective of the material of framing, more durable pieces are built with reinforcements that are screwed and glued into place at crucial stress points and joints. Less durable pieces might just staple the support blocks into place or not contain any.

Reupholstery shopping checklist:

  • Check which materials are utilized in the frame.
  • Be certain it feels sturdy, squarely sits on the floor, as well as does not wobble or creak.
  • Check out the underside for inside corners which are braced using corner blocks.


Though hand-tied, eight-way coils still are a mark of fine craftsmanship, additional techniques of construction, which include new steel spring configurations, provide equal durability and comfort. Generally, the number of springs and how they’re reinforced will determine quality and cost.

Shop checklist:

  • Check how the foundation is built.
  • For more resilience, browse steel spring construction, whether zigzag, coil, or another configuration.

The Cushioning

Depending upon a product’s design, the seat and back cushions might involve a mix of cotton, springs, or polyester fiber, down or foam. The majority of upholstery cushions are designed from some sort of polyurethane foam.

Density will be utilized to gauge the foam’s durability, and usually, the greater the density, the more durable (as well as more pricey) the cushion is. Higher-quality upholstered furniture utilizes foam that has a density rating of 1.8 – 2.5.

Foam cushions ought to be covered or wrapped in order to protect the foam from direct contact with upholstery fabric.


  • Slump. Sit. Spread out! The best method of telling if cushioning is proper for you includes feeling it in the manner you will be using it at the house.
  • If durability includes an important factor in the purchase, figure out how cushions are constructed, which includes the foam density used.

The Cover

Fabrics that combine a tight weave, as well as durable fibers such as polypropylene or nylon, include an excellent option for active use. Also, leather includes a popular option for durability.


  • Ask about the components of fabric. Search for higher percentages of durable fiber for durability.
  • Search for leather or tightly woven fabrics for very active use.

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