Bright Fabrics Accent This Chic Bar

The photo above is from the As Aperitivo Bar and Restaurant in Ljubljana, Slovenia. It’s from the blog Yellowtrace, as it was a feature. It’s a gorgeous remodel that makes use of some bright colors against an understated, natural color scheme.

What’s really interesting is the bright poppy red chair backs. Behind the table, you can see the bright rose shade on the seats. These bright colors go oddly well together. And they really pop against the rest of the bar design.

If you’d like to try something similar, whether commercially or residentially, below are some of our selections. We have some beautiful bright reds. They would pair well with a bright rose or fuchsia. You can also see all our pink solid fabrics here. And our red solid fabrics are here.

Cherry Red Plain Woven Upholstery

Watermelon Red Herringbone Woven Upholstery

Fuschia Pink Velvet Upholstery

Rose Pink Washed Look Plain Denim Upholstery

Use Bright Colors in Your Bar and Restaurant

As you can see, As Asperitivo Bar and Restaurant combine bright colors with neutrals for an eclectic feel. If you want a similar look in your space, you can search for any of our bright upholstery at Kovi Fabrics. We offer red and pink fabric like what As Asperitivo used, and many others. Shop the fabrics we have on sale!

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