Using Tan Shades in a Brightly Painted Tiny Home

The photo above is a sitting area in a custom tiny home. It’s a model by Cornerstone Tiny Homes, where you can see the whole creation. The photo shows how well a perfect sofa fabric in tan shades can go with a great paint job on the walls.

The bright teal and neutral tan shades are a match made in heaven. Neither compete too much with each other. The teal adds a deep color. And the brightness of the tan wall and sofa opens up the space.

What’s inspiring is how the tan sofa matches the wall behind it. Because there’s one tan accent wall, the sofa doesn’t fade into the room too much. But the design still adds a nice sense of color coordination.

If you’d like to try something similar, below are some of our tan fabrics. You can also see all our beige solid fabrics here.

Tan Neutral Solid Chenille Upholstery

Camel Beige Premium Soft Microfiber Suede

Mushroom Beige Country Chenille Upholstery

Wheat Beige and Gold Plain Tweed Upholstery

Use These Tan Shades in Your Upholstery

Are these images exactly what you want your tiny home to look like? Fortunately, Kovi Fabrics has a huge selection of upholstery in various tan shades. Take a look at our tan upholstery fabric.

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