Calculating Yards of Fabric: Kovi Fabric’s Yardage Guide

Shopping online for that perfect fabric to upholster your family sofa or revive your cherished wingback chair can be daunting. After all, how will you know how many yards to get? It’s not like shopping from a local shop where you can buy the fabric, and if you don’t buy enough, you can rush back and get more. 

Thankfully, Kovi Fabrics takes the guesswork out of this dilemma of deciding how many yards of fabric to buy with their handy yardage guide.

What Is a Yardage Guide? How Do You Use It When Calculating Yards of Fabric?

As with most home-related projects, you will want to know how much raw material you need. If you are building, you want to use a brick calculator, where you can get an accurate estimate of how many bricks to purchase. The same applies to an upholstery project.

Each furniture piece is unique, but there are a few generalizations we can work with that guide us to knowing how much fabric to purchase. Knowing how many yards of fabric you need to cover your chaise or ottoman will help you budget, order, and plan your project. 

To find the most appropriate yardage guide for your needs, you should carefully consider the different calculators it offers. Some online upholstery calculators require exact measurements, but if you’re not planning on doing the upholstering yourself, you may not really find this helpful. If anything, a measurement guide can be daunting and may put you off from ordering online. 

Have no fear, Kovi Fabrics’ yardage guide is an accurate pictorial guide where you simply select the furniture picture that most closely resembles your furniture item. Each of the many furniture items on the Kovi Yardage Guide gives you a precise measurement in yards (based on fabric that is 54 inches wide) that you will require to upholster such a furniture item. 

So, if you want to reupholster your sofa, you can select the appropriate sofa to match the Kovi Fabric Yardage Guide, check what the recommended yardage is, and order it appropriately. 

The Kovi Yardage Guide is calculated for plain colored fabric to be used as upholstery. 

The Ordering Process With Kovi Fabrics for Yards of Fabric Fabric

Ordering your upholstery fabric online with Kovi Fabrics couldn’t be easier. Simply choose your upholstery fabric from Kovi’s huge selection of colors, fabrics, and patterns; then decide on the number of yards of fabric your project requires by referring to Kovi’s yardage calculator and place your order. Still have some questions?

What About Ordering Yards of Fabric for My Oversized Furniture? 

As mentioned, not all furniture is generically sized. There are skinny sofas with minimal padding on the armrests or sofa back, and there are also oversized sofas that look like a mushroom explosion with plush armrests that are more than twice the size of other sofas. The type of sofa you have will determine if the Kovi Yardage Calculator will be accurate or not. 

If you want to play it safe, you should order extra, just in case. Even if you choose a plain-colored upholstery fabric, no two reds are the same color. A color fabric from the same color lot has been passed through the same dye lot, meaning that all the rolls of fabric from that color will have the same hue and tone of red. 

Ordering from the next dye lot may also give you red upholstery fabric, but it won’t have the same hue or tone, and you may end up with a fabric that is slightly more orange or maroon than red. 

When you order a few yards extra, you ensure you can repair any potential panels of your sofa, should there be future damage, which is also a blessing. 

… And If I Want Patterned Fabric?

The Kovi Fabric Yardage Guide is designed for plain fabrics, so if you are going for a patterned fabric, it is advised that you order 15% extra to accommodate the pattern match. This will be sufficient for most patterns and designs you could order. 

However, if you order a large-scale pattern that may require some more careful matching, then you should speak to a Kovi Fabrics consultant about providing a recommended percentage to accommodate the pattern match. 

Two Different Fabrics for My Sofa Upholstery Project

If you are feeling brave, you may decide to opt for more than just one upholstery fabric to complete your stylish designer look reupholstery project. It is quite popular to upholster your sofa back in one fabric and the cushions and armrests in a different color or pattern. But how do you know how much fabric to order then?

After all, it’s not like you can simply order 50% of one fabric and 50% of the other and hope for the best. 

Should you want to choose more than one fabric for your upholstery project, you can speak with a Kovi Fabrics consultant who will be able to guide you in your selection, quantities to order, and pattern match accommodations. 

Which Is Worse: Ordering Too Much Fabric or Ordering Too Little Fabric?

It’s a good idea to add a few extra yards to your fabric order, as ordering too little fabric can cause issues if you want to order more fabric later. However, over-ordering can be costly, especially if you are on a tight budget. 

To avoid surprises, it is a great idea to have your upholsterer give you a professional estimate of the fabric yardage they require. You can also rely on the experience and knowledge of the Kovi Fabric consultants to guide you in how much fabric to order and what percentage of extra fabric to order. 

Best of all, ordering your fabric through Kovi Fabrics means you get your fabric at discounted mill prices with free delivery on larger orders. 

Learning About How to Order Genuine Leather

You may decide that genuine leather is within your budget, which means you need to know what leather to order and how much. Kovi Fabrics stocks over 150 hides to consider at any given time. These hides produce an average of 50-55 square feet of top-quality leather each. 

The trained Kovi Fabrics consultants will be able to guide you in deciding how many leather hides you will require to cover your furniture type. Before you order, be sure to ask for assistance if you are going with genuine leather. 

The Last Inch

In closing, the reupholstery journey can be challenging, especially if you don’t have knowledgeable consultants who can help you in making the right decisions. Luckily, Kovi Fabrics can help you choose from their thousands of top-quality upholstery fabrics, and with the Kovi Yardage Guide, you can order with peace of mind, secure in the knowledge that you have ordered enough fabric. 

Let Kovi Fabrics help you measure your fabric requirements to the last inch, ensuring sufficient fabric to meet your upholstery project needs while avoiding unnecessary and expensive wastage.

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