Order Samples, Get Help Measuring Your Furniture, and Find an Upholstery Professional

KOVI Fabrics is committed to offering the best fabric shopping experience possible. We offer up to five free samples for customers and can help you measure your furniture and find an upholstery professional.

Order a Free Fabric Sample from KOVI Today

Online shopping is convenient and cost-effective, but when it comes to fabric, there’s nothing like the real thing. Although you can see what fabric and patterns look like online, pictures don’t tell the whole story.

It’s impossible to see the true colors, thickness, weight, and feel of fabric online. You’ll miss out on color, texture, and feel if you’re just looking at fabric images on our website. Physically putting your hands on fabric and walking around your home to compare it with existing decor offers a much better shopping experience.

Samples offer a more comprehensive way to shop for fabric. You can use them to show family members fabric options, and even take your swatches to a paint store for matching.

Samples are free for all customers.

We cut samples from the bolt of fabric in our warehouse. Sizes vary depending on the repeat, but all samples will show the complete pattern.

How You Can Get Free Fabric Samples

See a fabric you’re interested in? You can request a sample right on the fabric page.

How to order:

On the fabric page, click Request a sample above the Product Details section. It will be added to your Requested Samples list and will be delivered within the next five to 10 business days.

You can order up to five free samples. Samples are sent via first-class mail, but you don’t have to pay for shipping.

Samples are yours to keep and should not be returned.

Want more than five samples? Extra samples are available for a nominal charge.

KOVI Fabrics accepts samples for matching and will work diligently to find the closest match available. However, exact matches are nearly impossible due to the variety of patterns, materials, and colors available for upholstery fabric.

Get Help Measuring Your Furniture

Although you can estimate your yardage based on the type of furniture you’re covering, it’s best to get your measurements right before you order. Ordering too much can be wasteful and expensive, but not ordering enough is even worse.

You can estimate your yardage using this fabric measurement chart, which offers the approximate amount of fabric you’ll need for different types of chairs, sofas, and other types of furniture.

fabric measurement chart to estimate yardage

KOVI Fabrics also offers guides to measuring and reupholstering furniture, including:

Reupholstering furniture is a project most DIYers can tackle, but if you’re baffled by measuring or intimidated by applying the new fabric, a local upholstery professional can help.

Find a Local Upholstery Professional

Local upholstery professionals can be especially helpful when working on an upholstery project. They can help you with measurements, fabric recommendations, and reupholstering your furniture. Fortunately, a good upholsterer isn’t hard to find.

Personal recommendations are always the most reliable way to find great service professionals. Ask family and friends for upholsterer recommendations and specifically reach out to people who have recently reupholstered furniture. Talk to them about their experience, which professionals they used, and if they have any recommendations for successfully completing your project.

Visit online recommendation sites. These resources offer links to selected local professionals, often including reviews and ratings. Although they don’t offer a definitive list of every upholstery professional in the area, these resources are a good place to start. Try these websites:

Before you commit to a local upholstery professional, read reviews. They’ll offer insight into the customer experience and professionalism offered by each company.

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