Calculating How Much Fabric Required for Reupholster Project

Furniture usually gets more expensive each year. Most times, our existing furniture or pieces we locate at a yard sale may be just as great as a new piece with a new cover. A cover bought from a store may appear sloppy or out of place, yet reupholstering a piece may make it appear new. But there’s one problem: do you know how to calculate yards of fabric?

To begin any reupholstering project, you must choose the fabric and determine how much is required. You will find our yardage calculator tool very useful.

Items You Will Need

  • Calculator
  • Measuring tape
  • Pencil and paper


  1. Draw a diagram of the furniture piece you’re going to reupholster. All pieces may be separated into sections, like the arms, seat, and back.
  2. Take your measuring tape and then measure all sections. Measure the width, length, and height. Take your measurement in inches and then round up to the greater inch.
  3. Multiply all measurements together to obtain the overall area of the piece, like 10 x 13 x 4. Next, take the sum and then divide it by 36 in order to obtain the figure in yards.
  4. Round up the number to permit cuts and mistakes for the overall yardage required for that particular section.
  5. Repeat for all sections of the furniture pieces. Add all of the section pieces together in order to obtain the overall amount of yards required for the entire project.
  6. Consult the guide that experts utilize to figure out yardage for reference to be certain you’re close to the proper amount of yards.

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