How to Reupholster a Vinyl Bar Stool

Vinyl bar stools that are dated or worn may get a lift as you reupholster a vinyl seat cover. Replacing the seat cover also is the perfect time to update a cushion if it’s torn or flat. Reupholstering a stool is lower in price than purchasing a new bar stool, and you’ll help the environment by upcycling older furniture. Select a new vinyl or choose fabric and enjoy providing your bar stools a fresh look!



Items You Will Need

  • Staple gun
  • White glue
  • Upholstery foam
  • Upholstery or vinyl fabric
  • Scissors
  • Pencil
  • Newspaper
  • Screwdriver or hammer


  1. Remove your vinyl cover from your bar stool by taking the nails or staples out and holding the material onto the seat using a screwdriver or hammer. Pull the vinyl off in one piece, if you can, to utilize it as a pattern for a new cover. Lay your old cover upon a newspaper piece, then trace around it using a pencil in order to create a pattern.


  1. Trim a fresh piece of upholstery or vinyl fabric utilizing the pattern that was made from the older vinyl piece. Put the fabric onto a sturdy surface, like a floor or table, in order for the wrong side to be facing upward.


  1. Inspect the seat’s padding to check if it’s usable. Take off the padding if there are worn spots or holes, and trim one piece of 1”- or 2”-thick upholstery foam to the seat’s shape.


  1. Then glue the fresh foam piece to the seat of the bar stool, if applicable. Turn your chair over, then sit the foam-padded seat in the middle of the vinyl or fabric.


  1. Separate the bar stool seat into quarters visually, then tack a section of vinyl or fabric to the stool’s bottom from every quarter using a nail or staple. Turn the stool while tacking to make sure the vinyl or fabric stays flat on your seat.


  1. Continually pull the fabric to the bar stool’s bottom, then tack it in place using a nail or staple. Tack the edges as the final step, if your bar stool possesses a square seat. Fold a side of the edge, then secure it using a nail or staple, and repeat on the additional side of the nail.


  1. Repeat the process with every bar stool you need to reupholster.

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