How to Reupholster a Bar Stool the Easy Way

Usually when you think of bar stools, plain wood or metal seats come to mind. But you can update a bar stool to include a fabric of your choice in a heartbeat. Below are the steps:

  1. For this project, you’ll need a specific type of stool. The underside of the seat should be a material you can use a staple gun against, like a basic wood.
  1. You may need to disassemble the bar stool by taking the seat portion off the rest of the piece. Depending on your stool, this might include unscrewing different parts under the chair portion to release the seat. You may also need to remove a decorative fabric cover under the seat. If your stool legs do not come off, you may just have to flip the stool over.
  1. Measure the seat and give about three to four inches extra around the edges so you have some give on the fabric, which you’ll secure on the bottom of the seat. Add a proportional amount of extra fabric around the edges if it’s a high seat. Cut your fabric.
  1. Here you’ll fold the fabric over the stool seat in a pleated pattern. Staple your pleats with the staple gun as you fold them in. You may have to trim the fabric to fit around any stool legs you couldn’t remove.You can see a sample of what it should look like from The Craft Patch below:

  1. If applicable, reassemble your stool by screwing the parts back in place and replacing any decorative overlay fabric.

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