The Classic Yet Modern Look of Emmy Rossum’s Apartment

Elle Décor took a look inside actress Emmy Rossum’s New York City apartment. Rossum was aiming for a look that was both chic and classic. She wanted European elements with antique decor, but also a look like she could incorporate family heirlooms. And this style nails it right on the head!

This look packs in plenty of old-world charm. The large textured rug adds visual appeal to the space. The décor features classic items like book collections, pottery, black and white photos, and flowers. Yet stark lines in the mirror frames and coffee table, as well as more trendy elements like modern art over the mantel, keep this look contemporary.

The fabrics aim for the modern, popular look of combining blue and gray. It’s always a sleek, soothing color combination. Added to that are shots of bright purple, which could also make a good accent chair in such a style. Finally, if you don’t want to try a rug, you can also incorporate a red, yellow, and blue geometric pattern in fabric to create the same visual excitement. Below you can see some of our matching fabrics.

Dark Blue Plain Tweed

Pewter Gray Solid Chenille

Red Vintage Chenille

Purple Lilac Microfiber

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