High Rollers: Casinos That Hit The Design Jackpot And How You Can Too

What if what happens in Vegas doesn’t stay in Vegas? Not the shenanigans during your weekend getaway — those can stay in Vegas for sure. But that luxury, comfort, and constant state of “wow.” That’d be nice on a normal Tuesday night, right?

Taking a look at the world’s most amazing casino interiors for style inspiration is one sure way to get thinking big and way outside the box. Let’s have some fun and do a bit of casino globetrotting. 

We’ll get a little escape and dream a little interior design dream. With so many to choose from, our brief excursion will focus on a few casinos that raised the bar on some specific layer of the experience. From the game-changing design of the Wynn Casino in Las Vegas to the Library at the Les Ambassadeurs Club in London and all the way to the rooms and suites at Hôtel de Paris in Monte Carlo. 

Finally, we’ll head to your place to try our luck at taking some of the inspiration home with you. So read on and get ready to start planning your next design project — or your next trip of a lifetime.

You Can Use Contrast And Color To Keep Spaces Open And Intimate

We’ll start with the main attraction — the casino itself. For that, we’re going all-in on the casino at the Wynn in Las Vegas. When the Wynn opened in 2005, it changed the casino game. For decades, the industry standard was to make casinos mazelike. Essentially, the norm was to lure visitors in and then make it hard to find their way out. (Which is, you know, both sneaky and a touch creepy.)

The Wynn went in the opposite direction. Betting on beauty and grandeur, they opened up the casino floor.

Sure, games have different areas, but — compared to other casinos — the maze is gone, and, instead, those areas are differentiated by changes in design and decor. Now you enter spaces rich with light and colors.

Rather than ensnaring visitors, they enchant you with so much to delight the eye and intrigue the senses that there’s no need for a maze — you want to explore. That’s winning at design. (Or is that Wynning?)

You Can Use Cozy And Classical To Add Next Level of Luxury Now

Next, let’s cross the pond and head to London — and to the Library. That’s right, the library. The casino experience is about more than just the casino itself. It’s luxury, the feeling of living a different life, the sense of being in a next-level world apart from the world for a while. Les Ambassadeurs Club in London delivers that at every turn.

For instance, when you’re ready for a break from the tables, the Library awaits you with the most divinely dignified old-world welcome. Tufted leather sofas and armchairs, ornately carved wood paneling, classical art, and more. The space positively envelopes you in opulence. No matter how you do at the tables, you’ll feel like royalty.

Notice the energizing pops of color, fresh flowers, change in lighting in the outer dining area, and the curtains dressed in tassels and drawn to let in the day. This is a space for moments and memories.

You Can Let Your Room Breathe With Soft Colors And Simplified Decor

Now south from London town to Monte Carlo. Here, in arguably the most classic of classic casinos, we’ll head to our room. Why straight to the room, you ask? Because what Monte Carlo’s Hôtel de Paris truly gets is that it’s in… well… Monte Carlo! 

You want to gamble, dine, and explore, sure. But any truly luxurious getaway needs a place to actually get away, rest, restore, drink in the magical moments — and perhaps make a few. The interior design of the rooms and suites of the Hôtel de Paris is truly transportive. They know where they are, and they showcase it.

Sun-drenched rooms make the most of every view. Colors are unobtrusive, pale neutrals, but also glamorous with silvers and golds. All of which sets the stage for bold pops to truly accent and allure. And the use of textures and Art Deco patterns whisper with hints of Hollywood’s glam days. Just walking into the room feels like a refreshing night’s sleep in paradise.

You Can Use All That Vacation Inspiration In Your Home’s Design

Amazing but out of reach for you, right? Not so much. Let’s head to Le House de Yours.

Here’s the throughline in our quick tour: Intention. Beginning with the end in mind and walking through each step along the way. That’s really what it’s about. 

For instance, by focusing on bold contrast between footprints, you can bring the openness, allure, and functionality of the Wynn casino to your open spaces.

Perhaps a reading nook with armchairs in deep colors and warm fabrics like Crypton velvet in eclipse blue or moss green. Take your primary seating area sectional light and airy with an eco-friendly pearl white jacquard fabric. Go sleek with kitchen island bar stools in bronze brown recycled leather, or give them a mid-century twist with retro red instead. Leaning into contrast will give areas used in different ways a sense of separation. 

Your decor can evoke the calm, confidence, and sophistication of Les Ambassadeurs’ Library in your office, entertainment room, or man cave/she shed. 

Go with the real deal and add a tufted sofa or chairs in rich cigar-toned genuine performance-grade leather. Or use eco-friendly recycled leather in dark walnut for all that classical gravitas with 21st-century technology. Take a cue from Les Ambassadeurs’ use of details with Ruby Victorian patterned burgundy drapes or throw pillows in gold deluxe silk.

And those dreamy hotel rooms at Monte-Carlo’s Hôtel de Paris? (Yes, please.) That’s within reach. 

Notice their use of pale, neutral tones. And their playful use of textures. You can do that in your bedroom. Try a bench upholstered in off-white champagne-colored Crypton tweed fabric or a slipper chair in silver-gray. Or how about a chaise lounge looking positively regal in amethyst violet performance velvet? Oh, and the bedding! Add some throw pillows in gray with an embroidered geometric pattern paired with lumbar throws in earthy tones with a contemporary pattern.

Jackpot! You Can Make Your Every Day Feel Like A Get-Away

With just a little virtual adventuring, you’ve stumbled upon a world of inspiration and ideas. Are the world’s greatest casinos over the top with their interior design? Of course. Do the walls of every room echo with wow after wow? Yes again. All by design.

But the great casinos and hotels of the world don’t have anything on you. You don’t have to limit your experience of luxury, comfort, and wow to your vacation days. Go all Ocean’s 11 and stage a heist on your favorite casino — a design ideas heist, that is. And look for ways to add elements you love to your upholstery and decor.

And for all your fabric needs along the way — as ever — we’ve got you covered. Give us a call today.

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