New Year’s Resolution: Finish All Those Home Design To-Dos

We’ve talked about refreshing and renewing your home or office with color and fabric and even just rearranging the furniture or adding some accessories to improve your home design. But sometimes you’re ready for a bigger change.

Time to get to those home design dream projects on your list. What better way to start the new year than leveling up your space so it supports the life you long to live? 

What many of us need from our homes has evolved exponentially in recent years. Now it’s often your home, office, entertainment center, playground, school, and occasional TV studio (or Zoom studio, anyway) — just for starters. 

You’ve lived long enough in “making it work” mode. Today we’ll talk about some projects to actually make your space truly work for your life, how to choose what’s right for you, and how to stay motivated and get it done.

You First  — Set Your Priorities And Pick Your Projects

Setting yourself up for success with any new year’s resolution starts with getting clear about your priorities. Once you get clear about what you really wish was different about your home, you can choose projects that will make that happen.

So, where should you begin? Start with you. The most impactful and transformative home design renovations begin with a bit of introspection. Let’s find inspiration — and motivation — by talking through some questions to consider, and a few trending ideas that pair well with each of them to get your 2022 home improvement journey started. 

Is your priority all about needing greater functionality?

Your home isn’t just lodging, it’s also where your life happens. So make it a great one. Consider upgrading that bonus room that’s become your office. Check out these trending home office ideas from Hunker. We love how trends have shifted toward designing a space as more than just a place for a desk, chair, and computer.

Design it with the diverse rhythms and needs of a full day in mind — a space to focus, chill, move, and get creative. Take it up a notch with a custom sofa or chair uniquely designed for you.

Or is the functionality you have in mind about becoming more eco-friendly and efficient? 

Perfect. You’re not alone. Embracing the cost savings of greater energy efficiency while also honoring a desire to reduce your strain and impact on the planet’s resources has never been more important — or easier. There are so many ways, large and small, to get there. And each one gives you the peace of mind of making a difference.

Check out Bob Villa’s quick primer on eco-friendly upgrades to get you brainstorming. And if part of your sustainability upgrade includes re-upholstery, KOVI’s got you covered as well.

Has all the extra time at home left you longing for luxury? 

Try bumping up that bathroom. With so much of our lives taking place at home, the home office isn’t the only spot taking on new importance. The bathroom needs an upgrade. Remember the old “Calgon take me away” bath suds ads? Yeah, that. Every. Single. Day. Please. The great news is that today’s trends are all about reimagining your bathroom. The palette of possibilities is virtually endless. From colors to textures to technology (yes, technology for your bathroom), there’s more to love than ever. Let Southern Living get those ideas, um, sudsing.

How about a luxury basement build-out? 

Make it a man-cave fit for any and every big game. (Overstuffed leather loungers, anyone?) Or take your weekend movie streaming game to a whole new world with a home theater. Help yourself stay on track for those health and fitness resolutions with a proper home gym. Or increase your revenue by turning it into a vacation suite rental with all the latest vibe and style. Your basement is a blank canvas just waiting for your design dreams — so dream big

Ready for a fresh start and thinking about selling?

People are emerging from the pandemic with a renewed sense of purpose and passion for living their best lives. This is translating to massive shifts in the workforce and a booming real estate market as people make longed-for moves. All of which makes resolving to get your home ready for sale a fantastic priority. Two great places to start are the curb and the kitchen. 

A fresh coat of paint, a neatly groomed yard, and a clean and comfy patio are just a few of the ways folks like the experts at HGTV recommend to help dial-up curb appeal and make your home look like home to potential buyers. Plus, you get to enjoy coming home even more even as you prepare for your next adventure.  Kitchen renovations can be extensive and expensive or simple and cheap. It’s up to you and your goals. Either way, taking that kitchen from drab to fab can be all it takes to bring the kind of “wow” that will have the offers pouring in. 

Simply looking to refresh and revitalize your look and vibe with a home design facelift? 

If that’s your priority, here’s our post walking you through some how-tos for just that goal.

Whether your 2022 home design projects are about comfort, cost, curb appeal, or something else altogether. It all comes down to you. How do you wish you could use your space — ideally? Pick your projects based on those priorities and you’re already on your way to success.

Colorful upholstery fabric samples

How To Make Sure You Finish Strong On All Your Resolutions

New Year’s resolutions — personal or home improvement — are notorious for being, shall we say, elusive. Most of us make them. Few of us keep them. But you’ve set your priorities, looked at those trending ideas, and hatched a few of your own. Let’s talk just a moment about how to stick the landing. 

Have you noticed that, as a rule, we don’t like doing what we “should” do? It’s much easier to follow through on things that we fully want to do than it is to follow through on things that we think we should do. 

You’re clear about what’s working and what’s not in your space. And you’re ready to change that. And that clarity of goals is a HUGE first step. In fact, that clarity appears in list after list of tips for seeing resolutions through. Like this one from Verywell Mind, which also offers a thorough but gentle approach to getting things done.

Another consistent piece of advice? Celebrate the wins. This is actually easier with home improvement projects than with other resolutions.

You might not notice that one pound of weight you lost, but you’ll notice the day those fabric samples arrive, and you can really get to dreaming. And you’ll for sure notice how that new slipcover transforms your old sofa into a vivid pop of new. Heck, if you’re doing a kitchen makeover, you’ll notice the progress when all you’ve done is pull those cabinet doors off to let the painting reinvent begin

None of the above are overly difficult in their own right. But each of them — when properly celebrated — adds momentum and fuel for that “Wait, I actually WANT to do this!” dream tank.

One last thing always worth mentioning you’ll find experts agree on: Don’t go it alone. You’ll need help on your home improvement journey. For all your furniture and upholstery needs along the way and even just to bounce your ideas off of, we’re here to help you feel like the best you in your home or office.

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