Refresh And Reenergize Your Home Or Office For The New Year

Hello there, 2022. Wow, are you ever a sight for sore eyes? The year (or decade) that was 2021 is a bit of a blur. We’re not exactly where we were in 2020, but not exactly where we’d hoped to be by the end of 2021. So, bring on 2022.

The new year is always a powerful time for reflection and reset. A chance to set down (with gratitude) what has been and pick up (with intention) what will be in our lives in the year ahead. It’s a time to let go of what no longer works so we can embrace new perspectives, possibilities, and the promise of a new year. 

Today we’ll talk about some possibilities for…well…stepping into those possibilities you’re itching to realize in the year ahead. We’ll dig into ideas for elevating your mindset as you step into who you’ll be this year. And we’ll explore how to use emerging trends to help elevate where you live or work to best support how you dream of living.

Alright, 2022. Let’s begin.

Mindset Shifts To Make Room For The New You

How we think impacts what we do, what we experience, and — before we know it — our thoughts become our lives. That’s why part of refreshing the spaces in which our lives play out is about refreshing the mindset that we bring into those spaces. 

All we’re hoping to do here is offer some inspiration to get you on your way to choosing the new mindset that best serves the new you. 

Starting with the obvious, many folks hit the new year with new health and weight loss goals. We really like the rubber meets the road approach from Kristin Kirkpatrick from the Today Show’s blog. Particularly her emphasis on finding lasting, sustainable change by shifting your mindset and relationship to food in general — resulting in more energy and functionality.

On the career side, Forbes’ Amy Blaschka brings some A-game wisdom in bite-size nuggets. She hits a wide spectrum of immediately useful ideas covering everything from empathy, learning to say no, and the power of investing in yourself. She’ll give you 22 tips to help you be the best you as you roll into 2022.

Finally, get those best-life dream gears turning with Matthew McConaughey. Now, believe it or not, this one actually leads us nicely back to our lane. We often offer advice from the “experts” and then suggest you forget all the rules and focus on what YOU truly want — and then go for it. In less than 10 minutes, we’re sure Mr. McConaughey’s wisdom will have you feeling alright, alright, alright. (Had to do it.) 

The Colors And Styles Of 2022 Are Built For New Beginnings

This time every year, the industry future-tellers offer up what we’ll be seeing a lot of in the year ahead. Starting with color. The undisputed king of color is Pantone, setting the standard and (literally) defining color for all elements of the design world across industries. 

In a nod to how the world we awake to in 2022 has changed, Pantone’s feeling positively positive about what’s ahead. So much so that for their 2022 Color of the Year, they’ve conjured up a whole new one called “Very Peri.” It’s purple, no it’s blue, well a little red…just take a look. It’s full of hope and optimism. And who couldn’t use more of that?

Outside of that outlier (thank you for that alliteration Architectural Digest) of a whole new violet tone, the overriding desire for calming, possibility, and grounding permeates the interior design industry’s sense of what will be trending this year. 

All things soothing and serene seem to be what’s next. Think earthy tones but pale, light, and sunny. Rich enough to ground. Bright enough to elevate and expand. 

What does that mean in practice? Take a look at these looks that lift the spirit of HGTV. Or these comfy but still airy and uplifting imaginings from Country Living.  

Whatever mindset you’re moving into for how you live your life, the feelings and shifts the year’s emerging colors are aimed to evoke will come in handy where you’re living your life. 

More Ways To Refresh Your Space To Suit The New You 

You get a do-over in the new year, a chance to reset. When it comes to your home or office, you can get there by giving it a flip, facelift, or a bit of flair. 


Ever flip your pillow in the middle of the night to get to that sweet sweet cool spot? It’s like a heavenly sleep reset. Same when you flip the feel of your space. There are so many ways to get there. As simple as giving it a deep clean (*cough* perhaps long overdue), rearranging the furniture, or even pulling some things out entirely to open up the room and be repurposed elsewhere.

Play around with flipping what you thought of as the layout of the space. You’ll absolutely — and immediately — feel like it’s reborn.


Start with the foundations — wall color and furniture. We’ll leave the painting to the pros. But upholstery? Now, this is decidedly our area. Whether you’re ready to upgrade to a new piece(s) all together, need full-on reupholstery, or want to keep it simple and flexible with a slipcover, upholstery fabric is a facelift win for your home or office.

Bring in the year’s colors as you take it simple and fresh with Light Blue Textured Damask fabric. Make it lush and luxurious without losing the lift with an Indigo Chenille. And no need to sacrifice durability for style. Use a Crypton fabric designed for wear, tear, and spills. Maybe something like an eco-friendly, performance-grade tweed in Champagneperhaps as a custom slipcover


Sometimes a space is functional but lacking that certain vibe or soul. You can get those fresh feels by updating the details — adding some flair. 

Bring in trending colors with throw blankets, and, while you’re at it, take on your throw pillows. Pick up fresh pillow shams or DIY it and make your own. Try an embroidered fabric such as Bluebell for soothing tones and texture that delights. Or keep it soft and snuggly with a Capri microsuede. New throw pillows and blankets will absolutely punch up the energy of any room.

Revive your vibe with decorative accessories. Time for more play. What would inspire you, spark your imagination, or bring a sense of calm? Pull in peace with stones, water features, or other objects and create a Zen vibe. Send in sophistication with sculptures and art that sing clean, modern elegance. Or give your room some groove with retro finds like a sign, lamp, or even vintage games. 

Find your flavor of flair and sprinkle it around to infuse your space with energy.

Endless Possibilities: A Fresh New Year And A Fresh New You

The new year is the perfect time to clean the slate and start fresh. Take a look around the spaces you’re in. Honestly, feel out what still serves you and what feels like the old you. Draw some inspiration from all the optimism, positivity, and peace drawing a throughline in 2022’s emerging interior design and color trends. 

And have some fun. We’re here to help you by being the easy part of crossing all your fabric (and furniture) needs off your list. Here’s to an inspiring year ahead for you and all the places you’ll live out your 2022 story.

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