How to Use Green Upholstery Fabric

When you think of a green interior, you probably think of that one friend that has too many indoor plants or that whacky family member with brightly colored walls in each room of their house. 

While we’re probably the former, we know that adding in green upholstery fabric is our favorite way to bring emerald, sage, or even lime green into an interior space.

Green is at once the color of the outdoors, the color of royal jewels, and the color of your least favorite highlighter…ok, maybe yellow is our least favorite.

This dynamic hue adds a layer of interest to any interior space, making it the perfect addition to your upholstery roundup! 

Earth Toned Interior 

The greens we see while taking a hike have a variety in tone and style. Lighter colors make us think of spring and renewal, while deeper tones evoke feelings of autumn or winter.

Looking at your home design style, would you say your home is more of a Spring, Summer, Autumn, or Winter? This can help you narrow down a shade of green to bring into your space. 

While you browse the various design styles below, keep in mind which greens would pair well with the season of your decor. 

As for green upholstery fabric in interior design, we are experts! There’s a perfect match for your next design project and we hope to streamline the process for you. 

Specifying Green Upholstery 

We like to categorize our textiles by various design styles. This is the perfect opportunity to explore what we offer in your preferred interior style while also experiencing a few choices that may be a bit outside your comfort zone.

It’s important always to consider your options! There’s a whole world of beautiful green upholstery fabrics out there, and we pulled our favorites for you to browse. 


Those of you who feel most drawn to transitional design are so fun to work with because you’re not afraid of a bit of pattern! There’s something so fun about the subtle chevron in D2701 Moss. The pattern is very thin, making it appear like stripes from far away. Once you get close, you can see the sweet chevron design. 

The nature-loving design enthusiast will really enjoy E1011 Lagoon. This textile is the perfect abstract addition to any home. We love the organic pattern of this textile combined with the contrasting shades of green.


Our traditional design lovers are going to fall in love with K2032 Sage. This luxurious material paired with a deep neutral green is a standout designer choice. If you’re going to reupholster a piece of furniture in 2022, you need to consider this material seriously. 

You didn’t think we’d get through the traditional category without a classic pattern, did you? K6969 Spring Houndstooth is a winner in the world of green upholstery fabric! This bold pattern makes a sensible addition to any traditional space with a smaller scale and green colorway. What a fun way to add visual interest to your space!


We’d be lying if we said we weren’t obsessed with warm-toned earthy hues. There’s just something spectacular about E7778 and the layers of green. You don’t need a dramatic pattern to experience the variety of color and texture green upholstery fabric provides. 

We love how our organic textiles take on a life of their own with each new project. Transform your next upholstery DIY with this leafy material! If you’re a fan of patterns and want to make that a part of your design aesthetic, look no further than E6476 Ivy.


Our modern-loving design enthusiasts never say no to a gradient textile. Our current favorite would have to be A6344 Fresco for the variation in color and material. If you like a material that changes in both color and feel, then this one is for you.

We don’t give our graphic prints nearly enough attention and thought this would be the perfect chance to introduce you to E4407 Limelight. Whether you’re updating an office, game room, or kid’s playroom, this textile is both sophisticated and playful all at once. 


Who doesn’t have a family member you make fun of for wearing Hawaiian button-ups?! We’re embracing our beachy roots with the palm print of KC818 Fern. The pull of this material is the mature shade of green used alongside a sometimes silly print.

Looking for a lighter and brighter option? E1511 Citrine is the high-end hotel version of your standard leafy pattern. Add this textile anywhere you want to feel like you can kick up your feet, sip a cold beverage and relax. 

Our Current Favorite Green Upholstery Options 

It can be overwhelming to narrow down a textile for your next upholstery project. It feels like there’s a lot of materials you’re drawn to, but how do you pick one?

We like to narrow in on a few standout options just to show you how creative you can get with a green upholstery fabric!

Faux Leather

This D4251 Cactus is both rich in color and material. Never skip out on browsing the faux leather section, it will surprise you! Nobody will know you opted for the animal-friendly version of what looks like a very expensive textile. 


We understand the importance of keeping your home clean and tidy, and sometimes that requires high-performance fabrics. We believe it’s essential always to throw in a Crypton textile option. 

If you’re looking to upholster something in a high-traffic area or one where people are prone to spills, take a look at our DA509 Fern. A beautiful green shade in an easy-to-clean finish? Don’t mind if we do!


We’re big believers in standard cotton material. If you tend to lean toward an Autumn design style, you’ll love KV0831 Kiwi. It feels comforting and approachable. Not only does the color scheme blend well with your standard autumnal shades, but it will also pair well with all “seasons” of design. 

Question & Answer

Question: How can I search through a variety of green textiles to find what’s right for me?

Answer: You can check out all of Kovi’s green textiles here!

Question: What shade of green upholstery fabric should I use?

Answer: We recommend choosing a shade of green based on the season your interior style falls within. Take a look at what you already have within your space to determine which season it best aligns with, then choose a green according to that season. If you feel drawn to a specific material but aren’t sure if it will work, go ahead and order a sample!

Question: Is green a trendy color for 2022?

Answer: Including green upholstery fabric in your home is always on-trend. The color green adds a lot of dimension to a space without being too in-your-face or taking over the design. 

Question: I want to upholster something in my home with green fabric. What should I reupholster? 

Answer: If you’re looking to make a big statement, go all-out and upholster your sofa! More minor updates like pillows and curtains can also be impactful when updating your space.

Question: What color pairs best with green upholstery?

Answer: While red is the opposite on the color wheel from green, we’re not exactly going for a holiday look. Many of us associate red and green combined with the holidays, so if you’re looking for an alternative, we love a blue and green combination! If this is your style, go for it!

Green Upholstery Fabric Is in for 2022

Your fellow design-loving friends are going to be green with envy when they see your gorgeous new upholstery! There might be a million choices out there, but we’re hoping this guide helped narrow down your options. 

Making great design easy is our top priority! Starting the new year with design projects in mind, we cannot wait to see how you incorporate green upholstery fabric into your homes! We’re always impressed with our DIY community and their creativity to our textile-loving family.

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