Child’s Play: Bedroom Fabrics For The Life You Live And Style You Love

There’s decorating a bedroom, and then there’s decorating a kid’s bedroom. And the latter can feel a bit daunting and overwhelming. 

There are so many factors to consider. Like budget both now and in the future. And flexibility so you can easily adjust to that future and the changing needs of your family. There’s safety — of course — not just the basics like sharp corners and the like. You’re also a conscious parent looking to surround your child with safe, non-toxic things.

And there are the fundamentals of making sure however you design your child’s room, it’s up to the demands of children on fabrics and furniture. And, finally, if at all possible, is there really a way to do all that and still have a fashionable space? Emphatically, yes.

We get it. And we’re here to simplify things a bit. Today we’ll talk through how to choose the right upholstery fabrics for your child’s bedroom and offer you ideas on what fabrics you might really love. Today we’ll tackle everything you need to know about choosing fabrics that have the functionality you need and fashion you’ll love for your kids’ rooms. 

Fabrics That Are Up To The Challenge Of Any Kid’s Bedroom

What do upholstery fabrics in a child’s room need to be able to do? In the end, the performance needs aren’t wildly different than in other well-used spaces in your home. Just exponentially more so. You need fabrics that are durable use after use, stainproof (or at least super stain resistant), puncture and tear-resistant, and easy to clean and maintain.

Because — let’s face it — while we know your kids are amazing, they will absolutely spill, poke, bounce, pull, slide, punch, and put fabrics to the test in a million other ways you didn’t see coming. No worries. You live in the 21st century. 

Fabrics Up To The Challenge


Didn’t see that one coming, did you? Well, leather is a hide, and hide is made to last and is durable as all get out. In addition to durability, it’s often soft, easy to clean, and ages with grace and character. It can be pricey in that you-get-what-you-pay-for sort of way but pricey nevertheless. And it’s not ideal for clawed pets.

Faux leather and vinyl

If leather sounds amazing but a bit outside your budget or you’d prefer something with a similar feel but made of different materials, recycled leather and vinyl are for you.

Recycled leather is just what it sounds like, it’s unused bits plus synthetics give it leather texture and softness but the durability of vinyl. And speaking of vinyl, available in a variety of textures and styles, vinyl is the undisputed superhero of durability.

Can it leap a tall building in a single bound? Not so much. But your kids can use the heck out of it, and it’ll be just fine. And clean-up? Just wipe and vacuum.

Woven fabrics

Wait, (you might be thinking) we didn’t talk about how all those woven fabrics perform. Why’s that? Because, again, 21st century. Yes, all those fabrics offer high degrees of performance on their own. But also they’re available in Crypton or Sunbrella — or both.

Gone are the days of endlessly Scotchguarding your furniture. Thanks to fabrics like Crypton and Sunbrella, non-toxic fade, stain, mildew, and bacteria resistance are built into fabrics at a fiber level and in an array of textures, patterns, and styles. Problem solved. On to fashion.

Time To Give Your Child A Bedroom That Works And Suits Your Style

Now that you know a bit about the limits of your options (um, there aren’t any), you’re ready to dig into the design of your space and give it the style vibe that fits your home and your child. Here, the first thing to keep in mind is it’s about function and feeling.

How does it need to function? You might want to consider durability and playfulness as the priorities for a baby or young child. Changing table? Try a textured faux leather vinyl in joyous aqua color or recycled leather in clean and crisp white.  Add a storage bench in a play area or window nook and upholster it in a fun and flexible gem-patterned Sunbrella jacquard. 

Take the room of an older child contemporary with a headboard upholstered with an abstract geometric pattern in eco-friendly powder blue linen and a duvet cover in denim — both versatile enough to work for a variety of ages. Or go funky and fun with a faux animal print like jaguar performance-grade microsuede. Bring sophistication and elegance with lilac purple velvet and a bed with a sheer canopy in ice white.

Add a reading chair for you with your little one and later just for them. Outfit it in a cozy burgundy microsuede or a cool and calming meadow tweed. Do the same for a matching ottoman footrest (also an extra seat). Or let it stand out in boldly patterned coral damask Crypton.

Use the relative ease and small expense of changing out curtains and throw pillows as time goes on. Like sheer curtains for a bright and airy space. Or heavy drapery for when privacy is more the priority. And throw pillows in pretty much any fabric you (or your child) love.

The point of it all is that — thanks to the advanced fabric options available today — whatever style you or your child want for their bedroom is possible. Without fear of the fabrics being wrecked five minutes later.

Now You Can Level Up Your Primary Room — And The Rest Of Your Home

A little bonus tip courtesy of an HGTV post that caught our eye (especially slide 12). Their basic idea is to go with a king-size bed in your primary bedroom. The thinking is you’ll have the space for actually enjoying unexpected visits from little ones having a bad dream, worried about thunder, or just want some snuggle time. 

We think that’s genius. We’ll add the upholstery design perspective to that. 

Set aside the thought of approaching the interior design of any space in your home differently than your children’s room. Because — as you know by now — the performance fabrics are out there to suit virtually any style need. And is there really any space in your home you’re cool with having furniture that can be ruined by simply, ya’ know, using it? We didn’t think so. 

So when you’re ready to think limitless with your children’s bedroom and the rest of your home. We’ve got the fabrics you need, the experts to show you the way, and the help to make it seem like child’s play. Call today.

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