Make Your Own Tufted Fabric Headboard

Tufted fabric headboard lend luxury to any bedroom, but they often come with a price tag to match. Luckily, even if you’re more Buy-it-Yourself than Do-it-Yourself, there are endless headboard makeover options out there for every skill level. The best news? It’s easy enough that you can transform your room year after year, and it won’t cost you much in time or money. Here are some great ways to upgrade your headboard style:

Fabric tufting is classic, easy, and gorgeous in any fabric from velvet to burlap, and you can achieve the look in a few easy steps:

1.) Lay out where you would like the tufts to go on the headboard. Offset each row slightly, as if you were laying bricks.

2.) Cut 2″ or 3″ foam into the shape of your headboard.

3.) Cut a hole out of the foam where each tuft will go. The bottom of the hole will be about button-sized, and the top will be wider. The shape will look like a funnel.

4.) Spray-glue the foam to the headboard. This will help tremendously during the tufting process.

5.) Using a drill, screw the fabric into each foam hole. You will want shorter screws that won’t go through the back of the board. This step can also be done by sewing a button into the foam, and making sure there are holes drilled into the back of the headboard. That way, the button thread can be stapled into place in the back of the headboard. However, screwing the fabric into place will speed up this step quite a bit.

6.) Cover the back of the headboard with batting and additional fabric if you need to cover any of the screws or holes.

7.) Staple the fabric to the headboard around the outside edges, and then cut away the extra fabric. Clean up the cut edges by adhering piping in a coordinating color and fabric to the perimeter.

That’s all there is to it! You can experiment with different headboard and fabric styles, adding nailhead studs and even covering your own buttons in matching fabric. Happy crafting!

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