Memo Board Upgrade: Making Something Useful and Stylish

Keeping your life together is getting both more complicated and easy with the ever-emerging technology planners. Ditch those apps and create a handy way to decorate your house by creating a coordinating designed white board memo board note taker. You can make multiple smaller boards and stagger them around, or use one larger board. This easy trick will look chic on your walls, and it will be useful in your everyday life.

First, pick up an inexpensive frame at the dollar store of a decent size. This needs to be large enough to write notes on. Often times, dollar store frames appear low quality, but this is easily fixed. If the frame seems dull, spray paint it to match the color of you décor. A metallic bronze or brushed gold looks luxurious. Rather not have this extra step? Invest in a nicer frame and skip this step.

Next, pick out a fabric that complements the room you’ll be hanging the board in. We have a great selection of stylish fabrics to choose from. If the room is relatively neutral, go for something more bold to mix it up. Make sure to pick a print that is not too lively, you’ll want to be able to see what you write on the board. Take the base from the frame, and tightly wrap the fabric around. Secure the back edges with hot glue, staples, or fabric tape. Once complete, put the fabric wrapped base back in the frame and close. Hang on the wall. Then, take a whiteboard marker and write down whatever you want to remember. These easily clean with a bit of glass cleaner. Want to step up the look even more? Rather than directly hang the board on the wall, fasten a thick ribbon to the board and hang by the ribbon.

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